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James Lakin a9f4489bbc
System-wide webhooks (#10546)
3 years ago
auth Add restricted user filter to LDAP authentication (#10600) 3 years ago
base Added repository search ordered by stars or forks. Forks column in admin repo list. (#3969) 4 years ago
emails Admin page for managing user e-mail activation (#10557) 3 years ago
org Add Octicon SVG spritemap (#10107) 3 years ago
repo Add Octicon SVG spritemap (#10107) 3 years ago
user Restricted users (#6274) 3 years ago
config.tmpl Remove unused config on UI (#10078) 3 years ago
dashboard.tmpl Change admin dashboard to POST (#10465) 3 years ago
hook_new.tmpl Add feishu webhook support (#10229) 3 years ago
hooks.tmpl Implement Default Webhooks (#4299) 4 years ago
monitor.tmpl Graceful Queues: Issue Indexing and Tasks (#9363) 3 years ago
navbar.tmpl System-wide webhooks (#10546) 3 years ago
notice.tmpl Fix admin notices (#10480) 3 years ago
queue.tmpl Queue: Make WorkerPools and Queues flushable (#10001) 3 years ago