A fork of Gitea (see branch `mj`) adding Majority Judgment Polls 𐄷 over Issues and Merge Requests. https://git.mieuxvoter.fr
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.dropzone {
border: 2px dashed var(--color-secondary) !important;
background: none !important;
box-shadow: none !important;
padding: 0 !important;
min-height: 5rem !important;
border-radius: 4px !important;
.dropzone .dz-button {
color: var(--color-text-light) !important;
.dropzone:hover .dz-button {
color: var(--color-text) !important;
.dropzone .dz-error-message {
top: 145px !important;
.dropzone .dz-image {
display: flex !important;
align-items: center !important;
justify-content: center !important;
border-radius: 0 !important;
.dropzone .dz-image img {
max-width: 100% !important;
max-height: 100% !important;
object-fit: contain !important;
.dropzone .dz-preview.dz-image-preview,
.dropzone-attachments .thumbnails img {
background: transparent !important;
.dropzone-attachments .thumbnails img {
height: 120px !important;
width: 120px !important;
object-fit: contain !important;
margin-bottom: 0 !important;
.dropzone .dz-preview:hover .dz-image img {
filter: opacity(.5) !important;