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Gogs - Go Git Service wercker status Go Walker

Gogs(Go Git Service) is a GitHub-like clone in the Go Programming Language.

Since we choose to use pure Go implmentation of Git manipulation, Gogs certainly supports ALL platforms that Go supports, including Linux, Max OS X, and Windows with ZERO dependency.

Current version: 0.0.8 Alpha


There are some very good products in this category such as gitlab, but the environment setup steps often make us crazy. So our goal of Gogs is to build a GitHub-like clone with very easy setup steps, which take advantages of the Go Programming Language.


Please see Wiki for project design, develop specification, change log and road map.


  • SSH protocal support.
  • Register/delete account.
  • Create/delete public repository.
  • User/repository home page.
  • Git repository manipulation.


Make sure you install Prerequirements first.

There are two ways to install Gogs:



This project was launched by Unknown, lunny and fuxiaohei. See contributors page for full list of contributors.