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Vlad Temian e78786ef39
Writable deploy keys (closes #671) (#3225)
6 years ago
auth Writable deploy keys (closes #671) (#3225) 6 years ago
avatar Use assert in legacy unit tests (#867) 7 years ago
base Refactor struct's time to remove unnecessary memory usage (#3142) 6 years ago
cache Fix memcache support when value is returned as string always (#2924) 7 years ago
context Fix ignored errors when checking if organization, team member (#3177) 6 years ago
cron Add branch overiew page (#2108) 7 years ago
highlight No highlighting for .txt files (#1922) 7 years ago
httplib Add internal routes for ssh hook comands (#1471) 7 years ago
indexer Code/repo search (#2582) 7 years ago
lfs Improve LFS tests + fix lfs url refs + keep path upper/lowercase in db. (#3092) 6 years ago
log Fix lint errors (#2547) 7 years ago
mailer Add support for extra sendmail arguments (#2731) 7 years ago
markup Fix issue link rendering in commit messages (#2897) 7 years ago
minwinsvc Fix Git hooks not being executed on Windows when running as a service (#1149) 7 years ago
notification Notification - Step 1 (#523) 7 years ago
options Fix typos in models/ and modules/ (#1248) 7 years ago
private improve protected branch to add whitelist support (#2451) 7 years ago
process Fix run command race (#1470) 7 years ago
public Allow custom public files (#782) 7 years ago
search Code/repo search (#2582) 7 years ago
setting Add an option to allow redirect of http port 80 to https. (#1928) 6 years ago
ssh Configurable SSH key exchange algorithm and MAC suite (#2806) 7 years ago
sync Fix status table race condition (#1835) 7 years ago
templates Refactor struct's time to remove unnecessary memory usage (#3142) 6 years ago
test Unit tests for routers/repo/issue_label (#3198) 6 years ago
user golint fixed for modules/user 7 years ago
util Improvements for supporting UI Location (#3146) 6 years ago
validation Create new branch from branch selection dropdown (#2130) 7 years ago