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// Copyright 2014 The Gogs Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package structs
import (
// Permission represents a set of permissions
type Permission struct {
Admin bool `json:"admin"`
Push bool `json:"push"`
Pull bool `json:"pull"`
// InternalTracker represents settings for internal tracker
// swagger:model
type InternalTracker struct {
// Enable time tracking (Built-in issue tracker)
EnableTimeTracker bool `json:"enable_time_tracker"`
// Let only contributors track time (Built-in issue tracker)
AllowOnlyContributorsToTrackTime bool `json:"allow_only_contributors_to_track_time"`
// Enable dependencies for issues and pull requests (Built-in issue tracker)
EnableIssueDependencies bool `json:"enable_issue_dependencies"`
// ExternalTracker represents settings for external tracker
// swagger:model
type ExternalTracker struct {
// URL of external issue tracker.
ExternalTrackerURL string `json:"external_tracker_url"`
// External Issue Tracker URL Format. Use the placeholders {user}, {repo} and {index} for the username, repository name and issue index.
ExternalTrackerFormat string `json:"external_tracker_format"`
// External Issue Tracker Number Format, either `numeric` or `alphanumeric`
ExternalTrackerStyle string `json:"external_tracker_style"`
// ExternalWiki represents setting for external wiki
// swagger:model
type ExternalWiki struct {
// URL of external wiki.
ExternalWikiURL string `json:"external_wiki_url"`
// Repository represents a repository
type Repository struct {
ID int64 `json:"id"`
Owner *User `json:"owner"`
Name string `json:"name"`
FullName string `json:"full_name"`
Description string `json:"description"`
Empty bool `json:"empty"`
Private bool `json:"private"`
Fork bool `json:"fork"`
Template bool `json:"template"`
Parent *Repository `json:"parent"`
Mirror bool `json:"mirror"`
Size int `json:"size"`
HTMLURL string `json:"html_url"`
SSHURL string `json:"ssh_url"`
CloneURL string `json:"clone_url"`
OriginalURL string `json:"original_url"`
Website string `json:"website"`
Stars int `json:"stars_count"`
Forks int `json:"forks_count"`
Watchers int `json:"watchers_count"`
OpenIssues int `json:"open_issues_count"`
OpenPulls int `json:"open_pr_counter"`
Releases int `json:"release_counter"`
DefaultBranch string `json:"default_branch"`
Archived bool `json:"archived"`
// swagger:strfmt date-time
Created time.Time `json:"created_at"`
// swagger:strfmt date-time
Updated time.Time `json:"updated_at"`
Permissions *Permission `json:"permissions,omitempty"`
HasIssues bool `json:"has_issues"`
InternalTracker *InternalTracker `json:"internal_tracker,omitempty"`
ExternalTracker *ExternalTracker `json:"external_tracker,omitempty"`
HasWiki bool `json:"has_wiki"`
ExternalWiki *ExternalWiki `json:"external_wiki,omitempty"`
HasPullRequests bool `json:"has_pull_requests"`
HasProjects bool `json:"has_projects"`
IgnoreWhitespaceConflicts bool `json:"ignore_whitespace_conflicts"`
AllowMerge bool `json:"allow_merge_commits"`
AllowRebase bool `json:"allow_rebase"`
AllowRebaseMerge bool `json:"allow_rebase_explicit"`
AllowSquash bool `json:"allow_squash_merge"`
AvatarURL string `json:"avatar_url"`
Internal bool `json:"internal"`
MirrorInterval string `json:"mirror_interval"`
// CreateRepoOption options when creating repository
// swagger:model
type CreateRepoOption struct {
// Name of the repository to create
// required: true
// unique: true
Name string `json:"name" binding:"Required;AlphaDashDot;MaxSize(100)"`
// Description of the repository to create
Description string `json:"description" binding:"MaxSize(255)"`
// Whether the repository is private
Private bool `json:"private"`
// Label-Set to use
IssueLabels string `json:"issue_labels"`
// Whether the repository should be auto-intialized?
AutoInit bool `json:"auto_init"`
// Whether the repository is template
Template bool `json:"template"`
// Gitignores to use
Gitignores string `json:"gitignores"`
// License to use
License string `json:"license"`
// Readme of the repository to create
Readme string `json:"readme"`
// DefaultBranch of the repository (used when initializes and in template)
DefaultBranch string `json:"default_branch" binding:"GitRefName;MaxSize(100)"`
// TrustModel of the repository
// enum: default,collaborator,committer,collaboratorcommitter
TrustModel string `json:"trust_model"`
// EditRepoOption options when editing a repository's properties
// swagger:model
type EditRepoOption struct {
// name of the repository
// unique: true
Name *string `json:"name,omitempty" binding:"OmitEmpty;AlphaDashDot;MaxSize(100);"`
// a short description of the repository.
Description *string `json:"description,omitempty" binding:"MaxSize(255)"`
// a URL with more information about the repository.
Website *string `json:"website,omitempty" binding:"MaxSize(255)"`
// either `true` to make the repository private or `false` to make it public.
// Note: you will get a 422 error if the organization restricts changing repository visibility to organization
// owners and a non-owner tries to change the value of private.
Private *bool `json:"private,omitempty"`
// either `true` to make this repository a template or `false` to make it a normal repository
Template *bool `json:"template,omitempty"`
// either `true` to enable issues for this repository or `false` to disable them.
HasIssues *bool `json:"has_issues,omitempty"`
// set this structure to configure internal issue tracker (requires has_issues)
InternalTracker *InternalTracker `json:"internal_tracker,omitempty"`
// set this structure to use external issue tracker (requires has_issues)
ExternalTracker *ExternalTracker `json:"external_tracker,omitempty"`
// either `true` to enable the wiki for this repository or `false` to disable it.
HasWiki *bool `json:"has_wiki,omitempty"`
// set this structure to use external wiki instead of internal (requires has_wiki)
ExternalWiki *ExternalWiki `json:"external_wiki,omitempty"`
// sets the default branch for this repository.
DefaultBranch *string `json:"default_branch,omitempty"`
// either `true` to allow pull requests, or `false` to prevent pull request.
HasPullRequests *bool `json:"has_pull_requests,omitempty"`
// either `true` to enable project unit, or `false` to disable them.
HasProjects *bool `json:"has_projects,omitempty"`
// either `true` to ignore whitespace for conflicts, or `false` to not ignore whitespace. `has_pull_requests` must be `true`.
IgnoreWhitespaceConflicts *bool `json:"ignore_whitespace_conflicts,omitempty"`
// either `true` to allow merging pull requests with a merge commit, or `false` to prevent merging pull requests with merge commits. `has_pull_requests` must be `true`.
AllowMerge *bool `json:"allow_merge_commits,omitempty"`
// either `true` to allow rebase-merging pull requests, or `false` to prevent rebase-merging. `has_pull_requests` must be `true`.
AllowRebase *bool `json:"allow_rebase,omitempty"`
// either `true` to allow rebase with explicit merge commits (--no-ff), or `false` to prevent rebase with explicit merge commits. `has_pull_requests` must be `true`.
AllowRebaseMerge *bool `json:"allow_rebase_explicit,omitempty"`
// either `true` to allow squash-merging pull requests, or `false` to prevent squash-merging. `has_pull_requests` must be `true`.
AllowSquash *bool `json:"allow_squash_merge,omitempty"`
// either `true` to allow mark pr as merged manually, or `false` to prevent it. `has_pull_requests` must be `true`.
AllowManualMerge *bool `json:"allow_manual_merge,omitempty"`
// either `true` to enable AutodetectManualMerge, or `false` to prevent it. `has_pull_requests` must be `true`, Note: In some special cases, misjudgments can occur.
AutodetectManualMerge *bool `json:"autodetect_manual_merge,omitempty"`
// set to `true` to archive this repository.
Archived *bool `json:"archived,omitempty"`
// set to a string like `8h30m0s` to set the mirror interval time
MirrorInterval *string `json:"mirror_interval,omitempty"`
// CreateBranchRepoOption options when creating a branch in a repository
// swagger:model
type CreateBranchRepoOption struct {
// Name of the branch to create
// required: true
// unique: true
BranchName string `json:"new_branch_name" binding:"Required;GitRefName;MaxSize(100)"`
// Name of the old branch to create from
// unique: true
OldBranchName string `json:"old_branch_name" binding:"GitRefName;MaxSize(100)"`
// TransferRepoOption options when transfer a repository's ownership
// swagger:model
type TransferRepoOption struct {
// required: true
NewOwner string `json:"new_owner"`
// ID of the team or teams to add to the repository. Teams can only be added to organization-owned repositories.
TeamIDs *[]int64 `json:"team_ids"`
// GitServiceType represents a git service
type GitServiceType int
// enumerate all GitServiceType
const (
NotMigrated GitServiceType = iota // 0 not migrated from external sites
PlainGitService // 1 plain git service
GithubService // 2
GiteaService // 3 gitea service
GitlabService // 4 gitlab service
GogsService // 5 gogs service
// Name represents the service type's name
// WARNNING: the name have to be equal to that on goth's library
func (gt GitServiceType) Name() string {
return strings.ToLower(gt.Title())
// Title represents the service type's proper title
func (gt GitServiceType) Title() string {
switch gt {
case GithubService:
return "GitHub"
case GiteaService:
return "Gitea"
case GitlabService:
return "GitLab"
case GogsService:
return "Gogs"
case PlainGitService:
return "Git"
return ""
// MigrateRepoOptions options for migrating repository's
// this is used to interact with api v1
type MigrateRepoOptions struct {
// required: true
CloneAddr string `json:"clone_addr" binding:"Required"`
// deprecated (only for backwards compatibility)
RepoOwnerID int64 `json:"uid"`
// Name of User or Organisation who will own Repo after migration
RepoOwner string `json:"repo_owner"`
// required: true
RepoName string `json:"repo_name" binding:"Required;AlphaDashDot;MaxSize(100)"`
// enum: git,github,gitea,gitlab
Service string `json:"service"`
AuthUsername string `json:"auth_username"`
AuthPassword string `json:"auth_password"`
AuthToken string `json:"auth_token"`
Mirror bool `json:"mirror"`
Private bool `json:"private"`
Description string `json:"description" binding:"MaxSize(255)"`
Wiki bool `json:"wiki"`
Milestones bool `json:"milestones"`
Labels bool `json:"labels"`
Issues bool `json:"issues"`
PullRequests bool `json:"pull_requests"`
Releases bool `json:"releases"`
MirrorInterval string `json:"mirror_interval"`
// TokenAuth represents whether a service type supports token-based auth
func (gt GitServiceType) TokenAuth() bool {
switch gt {
case GithubService, GiteaService, GitlabService:
return true
return false
var (
// SupportedFullGitService represents all git services supported to migrate issues/labels/prs and etc.
// TODO: add to this list after new git service added
SupportedFullGitService = []GitServiceType{