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# This file lists all PUBLIC individuals having contributed content to the translation.
# Entries are in alphabetical order.
Adam Jurkiewicz <a DOT jurkiewicz5 AT gmail DOT com>
Adam Strzelecki <ono AT java DOT pl>
Adrian Verde <me AT adrianverde DOT com>
Akihiro YAGASAKI <yaggytter AT momiage DOT com>
Aleksejs Grocevs <aleksejs AT grocevs DOT pro>
Aleksey Tarakin <hukendo AT yandex DOT ru>
Alexander Steinhöfer <kontakt AT lx-s DOT de>
Alexandre Magno <alexandre DOT mbm AT gmail DOT com>
Anderi Azuki <k1nzy AT outlook DOT com>
Andrey Nering <andrey AT nering DOT com DOT br>
Andrey Solomatin <toadron AT yandex DOT ru>
Antoine GIRARD <sapk AT sapk DOT fr>
Antonio Briola <briolantonio AT gmail DOT com>
Arthur Aslanyan <arthur DOT e DOT aslanyan AT gmail DOT com>
Aurelien Darragon <aurelien DOT darragon AT gmail DOT com>
Barış Arda Yılmaz <ardayilmazgamer AT gmail DOT com>
Camille Baronnet <gogs AT camillebaronnet DOT fr>
Christoph Kisfeld <christoph DOT kisfeld AT gmail DOT com>
Damaris Padieu <damizx AT hotmail DOT fr>
Daniel Speichert <daniel AT speichert DOT pl>
David Yzaguirre <dvdyzag AT gmail DOT com>
Dmitriy Nogay <me AT catwhocode DOT ga>
Emanuel Angelo <emanuel DOT angelo AT gmail DOT com>
Enrico Testori hypertesto AT gmail DOT com
Ezequiel Gonzalez Rial <gonrial AT gmail DOT com>
Gabriel Dugny <gabriel DOT dugny AT gmail DOT com>
Gregor Santner <gdev AT live DOT de>
Guilhem Marion <gmarion AT netc DOT fr>
Halil Kaya <halil AT halilkaya DOT net>
Hamid Feizabadi <hamidfzm AT gmail DOT com>
Hilton Wichwski Silva <hilton AT hiltonws DOT com DOT br>
Huimin Wang <wanghm2009 AT hotmail DOT co DOT jp>
ilko <kontact-mr DOT k AT outlook DOT com>
Ilya Makarov
Jamie Mansfield <dev AT jamierocks DOT uk>
Jean THOMAS <contact AT tibounise DOT com>
Joan Sánchez <dev AT discusal DOT com>
Joel da Rosa <webjoel AT hotmail DOT com>
Joubert RedRat <me+github AT redrat DOT com DOT br>
Jonathan Lozada De La Matta <jlozada2426 AT protonmail DOT com>
Juraj Bubniak <contact AT jbub DOT eu>
Kazuki Sawada <kazuki AT 6715 DOT jp>
Lafriks <lafriks AT gmail DOT com>
Lauri Ojansivu <x AT xet7 DOT org>
Luc Stepniewski <luc AT stepniewski DOT fr>
Luca Bozzo <luca AT bozzo DOT it>
Luca Kröger <l DOT kroeger01 AT gmail DOT com>
Marc Schiller <marc AT schiller DOT im>
Marvin Menzerath <github AT marvin-menzerath DOT de>
Michael Härtl <haertl DOT mike AT gmail DOT com>
Miguel de la Cruz <miguel AT mcrx DOT me>
Mikhail Burdin <xdshot9000 AT gmail DOT com>
Morten Sørensen <klim8d AT gmail DOT com>
Muhammad Fawwaz Orabi <mfawwaz93 AT gmail DOT com>
Nakao Takamasa <at.mattenn AT gmail DOT com>
Natan Albuquerque <natanalbuquerque5 AT gmail DOT com>
Niclas Kroon <niclas DOT kroon AT gmail DOT com>
Odilon Junior <odilon DOT junior93 AT gmail DOT com>
Pablo Saavedra <psaavedra AT igalia DOT com>
Piotr Orzechowski <piotr AT orzechowski DOT tech>
Richard Bukovansky <richard DOT bukovansky AT gmail DOT com>
Robert Nuske <robert DOT nuske AT web DOT de>
Robin Hübner <profan AT prfn DOT se>
SeongJae Park <sj38 DOT park AT gmail DOT com>
Thiago Avelino <thiago AT avelino DOT xxx>
Thomas Fanninger <gogs DOT thomas AT fanninger DOT at>
Tilmann Bach <tilmann AT outlook DOT com>
Toni Villena Jiménez <tonivj5 AT gmail DOT com>
Viktor Sperl <viktike32 AT gmail DOT com>
Vladimir Jigulin mogaika AT yandex DOT ru
Vladimir Vissoultchev <wqweto AT gmail DOT com>
Yaşar Çiv <yasarciv67 AT gmail DOT com>
YJSoft <yjsoft AT yjsoft DOT pe DOT kr>
Łukasz Jan Niemier <lukasz AT niemier DOT pl>