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home = Home
dashboard = Dashboard
explore = Explore
help = Help
sign_in = Sign In
sign_in_with = Sign In With
sign_out = Sign Out
sign_up = Register
link_account = Link Account
register = Register
website = Website
version = Version
powered_by = Powered by %s
page = Page
template = Template
language = Language
notifications = Notifications
active_stopwatch = Active Time Tracker
create_new = Create…
user_profile_and_more = Profile and Settings…
signed_in_as = Signed in as
enable_javascript = This website works better with JavaScript.
toc = Table of Contents
licenses = Licenses
return_to_gitea = Return to Gitea
username = Username
email = Email Address
password = Password
access_token = Access Token
re_type = Re-Type Password
captcha = CAPTCHA
twofa = Two-Factor Authentication
twofa_scratch = Two-Factor Scratch Code
passcode = Passcode
u2f_insert_key = Insert your security key
u2f_sign_in = Press the button on your security key. If your security key has no button, re-insert it.
u2f_press_button = Please press the button on your security key…
u2f_use_twofa = Use a two-factor code from your phone
u2f_error = Could not read your security key.
u2f_unsupported_browser = Your browser does not support U2F security keys.
u2f_error_1 = An unknown error occurred. Please retry.
u2f_error_2 = Please make sure to use the correct, encrypted (https://) URL.
u2f_error_3 = The server could not process your request.
u2f_error_4 = The security key is not permitted for this request. Please make sure that the key is not already registered.
u2f_error_5 = Timeout reached before your key could be read. Please reload this page and retry.
u2f_reload = Reload
repository = Repository
organization = Organization
mirror = Mirror
new_repo = New Repository
new_migrate = New Migration
new_mirror = New Mirror
new_fork = New Repository Fork
new_org = New Organization
new_project = New Project
new_project_board = New Project board
manage_org = Manage Organizations
admin_panel = Site Administration
account_settings = Account Settings
settings = Settings
your_profile = Profile
your_starred = Starred
your_settings = Settings
all = All
sources = Sources
mirrors = Mirrors
collaborative = Collaborative
forks = Forks
activities = Activities
pull_requests = Pull Requests
issues = Issues
milestones = Milestones
ok = OK
cancel = Cancel
save = Save
add = Add
add_all = Add All
remove = Remove
remove_all = Remove All
write = Write
preview = Preview
loading = Loading…
step1 = Step 1:
step2 = Step 2:
error404 = The page you are trying to reach either <strong>does not exist</strong> or <strong>you are not authorized</strong> to view it.
occurred = An error has occurred
report_message = If you are sure this is a Gitea bug, please search for issue on <a href="">GitHub</a> and open new issue if necessary.
app_desc = A painless, self-hosted Git service
install = Easy to install
install_desc = Simply <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">run the binary</a> for your platform, ship it with <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">Docker</a>, or get it <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">packaged</a>.
platform = Cross-platform
platform_desc = Gitea runs anywhere <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">Go</a> can compile for: Windows, macOS, Linux, ARM, etc. Choose the one you love!
lightweight = Lightweight
lightweight_desc = Gitea has low minimal requirements and can run on an inexpensive Raspberry Pi. Save your machine energy!
license = Open Source
license_desc = Go get <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href=""></a>! Join us by <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">contributing</a> to make this project even better. Don't be shy to be a contributor!
install = Installation
title = Initial Configuration
docker_helper = If you run Gitea inside Docker, please read the <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">documentation</a> before changing any settings.
requite_db_desc = Gitea requires MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL or SQLite3.
db_title = Database Settings
db_type = Database Type
host = Host
user = Username
password = Password
db_name = Database Name
db_helper = Note to MySQL users: please use the InnoDB storage engine and if you use "utf8mb4", your InnoDB version must be greater than 5.6 .
db_schema = Schema
db_schema_helper = Leave blank for database default ("public").
ssl_mode = SSL
charset = Charset
path = Path
sqlite_helper = File path for the SQLite3 database.<br>Enter an absolute path if you run Gitea as a service.
err_empty_db_path = The SQLite3 database path cannot be empty.
no_admin_and_disable_registration = You cannot disable user self-registration without creating an administrator account.
err_empty_admin_password = The administrator password cannot be empty.
err_empty_admin_email = The administrator email cannot be empty.
err_admin_name_is_reserved = Administrator Username is invalid, username is reserved
err_admin_name_pattern_not_allowed = Administrator username is invalid, the username matches a reserved pattern
err_admin_name_is_invalid = Administrator Username is invalid
general_title = General Settings
app_name = Site Title
app_name_helper = You can enter your company name here.
repo_path = Repository Root Path
repo_path_helper = Remote Git repositories will be saved to this directory.
lfs_path = Git LFS Root Path
lfs_path_helper = Files tracked by Git LFS will be stored in this directory. Leave empty to disable.
run_user = Run As Username
run_user_helper = Enter the operating system username that Gitea runs as. Note that this user must have access to the repository root path.
domain = SSH Server Domain
domain_helper = Domain or host address for SSH clone URLs.
ssh_port = SSH Server Port
ssh_port_helper = Port number your SSH server listens on. Leave empty to disable.
http_port = Gitea HTTP Listen Port
http_port_helper = Port number the Giteas web server will listen on.
app_url = Gitea Base URL
app_url_helper = Base address for HTTP(S) clone URLs and email notifications.
log_root_path = Log Path
log_root_path_helper = Log files will be written to this directory.
optional_title = Optional Settings
email_title = Email Settings
smtp_host = SMTP Host
smtp_from = Send Email As
smtp_from_helper = Email address Gitea will use. Enter a plain email address or use the "Name" <> format.
mailer_user = SMTP Username
mailer_password = SMTP Password
register_confirm = Require Email Confirmation to Register
mail_notify = Enable Email Notifications
server_service_title = Server and Third-Party Service Settings
offline_mode = Enable Local Mode
offline_mode_popup = Disable third-party content delivery networks and serve all resources locally.
disable_gravatar = Disable Gravatar
disable_gravatar_popup = Disable Gravatar and third-party avatar sources. A default avatar will be used unless a user locally uploads an avatar.
federated_avatar_lookup = Enable Federated Avatars
federated_avatar_lookup_popup = Enable federated avatar lookup using Libravatar.
disable_registration = Disable Self-Registration
disable_registration_popup = Disable user self-registration. Only administrators will be able to create new user accounts.
allow_only_external_registration_popup = Allow Registration Only Through External Services
openid_signin = Enable OpenID Sign-In
openid_signin_popup = Enable user sign-in via OpenID.
openid_signup = Enable OpenID Self-Registration
openid_signup_popup = Enable OpenID-based user self-registration.
enable_captcha = Enable registration CAPTCHA
enable_captcha_popup = Require a CAPTCHA for user self-registration.
require_sign_in_view = Require Sign-In to View Pages
require_sign_in_view_popup = Limit page access to signed-in users. Visitors will only see the 'sign in' and registration pages.
admin_setting_desc = Creating an administrator account is optional. The first registered user will automatically become an administrator.
admin_title = Administrator Account Settings
admin_name = Administrator Username
admin_password = Password
confirm_password = Confirm Password
admin_email = Email Address
install_btn_confirm = Install Gitea
test_git_failed = Could not test 'git' command: %v
sqlite3_not_available = This Gitea version does not support SQLite3. Please download the official binary version from %s (not the 'gobuild' version).
invalid_db_setting = The database settings are invalid: %v
invalid_repo_path = The repository root path is invalid: %v
run_user_not_match = The 'run as' username is not the current username: %s -> %s
save_config_failed = Failed to save configuration: %v
invalid_admin_setting = Administrator account setting is invalid: %v
install_success = Welcome! Thank you for choosing Gitea. Have fun and take care!
invalid_log_root_path = The log path is invalid: %v
default_keep_email_private = Hide Email Addresses by Default
default_keep_email_private_popup = Hide email addresses of new user accounts by default.
default_allow_create_organization = Allow Creation of Organizations by Default
default_allow_create_organization_popup = Allow new user accounts to create organizations by default.
default_enable_timetracking = Enable Time Tracking by Default
default_enable_timetracking_popup = Enable time tracking for new repositories by default.
no_reply_address = Hidden Email Domain
no_reply_address_helper = Domain name for users with a hidden email address. For example, the username 'joe' will be logged in Git as '' if the hidden email domain is set to ''.
password_algorithm = Password Hash Algorithm
password_algorithm_helper = Set the password hashing algorithm. Algorithms have differing requirements and strength. `argon2` whilst having good characteristics uses a lot of memory and may be inappropriate for small systems.
uname_holder = Username or Email Address
password_holder = Password
switch_dashboard_context = Switch Dashboard Context
my_repos = Repositories
show_more_repos = Show more repositories…
collaborative_repos = Collaborative Repositories
my_orgs = My Organizations
my_mirrors = My Mirrors
view_home = View %s
search_repos = Find a repository…
filter = Other Filters
filter_by_team_repositories = Filter by team repositories
show_archived = Archived
show_both_archived_unarchived = Showing both archived and unarchived
show_only_archived = Showing only archived
show_only_unarchived = Showing only unarchived
show_private = Private
show_both_private_public = Showing both public and private
show_only_private = Showing only private
show_only_public = Showing only public
issues.in_your_repos = In your repositories
repos = Repositories
users = Users
organizations = Organizations
search = Search
code = Code
search.fuzzy = Fuzzy
search.match = Match
repo_no_results = No matching repositories found.
user_no_results = No matching users found.
org_no_results = No matching organizations found.
code_no_results = No source code matching your search term found.
code_search_results = Search results for '%s'
code_last_indexed_at = Last indexed %s
create_new_account = Register Account
register_helper_msg = Already have an account? Sign in now!
social_register_helper_msg = Already have an account? Link it now!
disable_register_prompt = Registration is disabled. Please contact your site administrator.
disable_register_mail = Email confirmation for registration is disabled.
remember_me = Remember this Device
forgot_password_title= Forgot Password
forgot_password = Forgot password?
sign_up_now = Need an account? Register now.
sign_up_successful = Account was successfully created.
confirmation_mail_sent_prompt = A new confirmation email has been sent to <b>%s</b>. Please check your inbox within the next %s to complete the registration process.
must_change_password = Update your password
allow_password_change = Require user to change password (recommended)
reset_password_mail_sent_prompt = A confirmation email has been sent to <b>%s</b>. Please check your inbox within the next %s to complete the account recovery process.
active_your_account = Activate Your Account
account_activated = Account has been activated
prohibit_login = Sign In Prohibited
prohibit_login_desc = Your account is prohibited to sign in, please contact your site administrator.
resent_limit_prompt = You have already requested an activation email recently. Please wait 3 minutes and try again.
has_unconfirmed_mail = Hi %s, you have an unconfirmed email address (<b>%s</b>). If you haven't received a confirmation email or need to resend a new one, please click on the button below.
resend_mail = Click here to resend your activation email
email_not_associate = The email address is not associated with any account.
send_reset_mail = Send Account Recovery Email
reset_password = Account Recovery
invalid_code = Your confirmation code is invalid or has expired.
reset_password_helper = Recover Account
reset_password_wrong_user = You are signed in as %s, but the account recovery link is for %s
password_too_short = Password length cannot be less than %d characters.
non_local_account = Non-local users can not update their password through the Gitea web interface.
verify = Verify
scratch_code = Scratch code
use_scratch_code = Use a scratch code
twofa_scratch_used = You have used your scratch code. You have been redirected to the two-factor settings page so you may remove your device enrollment or generate a new scratch code.
twofa_passcode_incorrect = Your passcode is incorrect. If you misplaced your device, use your scratch code to sign in.
twofa_scratch_token_incorrect = Your scratch code is incorrect.
login_userpass = Sign In
login_openid = OpenID
oauth_signup_tab = Register New Account
oauth_signup_title = Complete New Account
oauth_signup_submit = Complete Account
oauth_signin_tab = Link to Existing Account
oauth_signin_title = Sign In to Authorize Linked Account
oauth_signin_submit = Link Account
openid_connect_submit = Connect
openid_connect_title = Connect to an existing account
openid_connect_desc = The chosen OpenID URI is unknown. Associate it with a new account here.
openid_register_title = Create new account
openid_register_desc = The chosen OpenID URI is unknown. Associate it with a new account here.
openid_signin_desc = Enter your OpenID URI. For example:, or
disable_forgot_password_mail = Account recovery is disabled. Please contact your site administrator.
email_domain_blacklisted = You cannot register with your email address.
authorize_application = Authorize Application
authorize_redirect_notice = You will be redirected to %s if you authorize this application.
authorize_application_created_by = This application was created by %s.
authorize_application_description = If you grant the access, it will be able to access and write to all your account information, including private repos and organisations.
authorize_title = Authorize "%s" to access your account?
authorization_failed = Authorization failed
authorization_failed_desc = The authorization failed because we detected an invalid request. Please contact the maintainer of the app you've tried to authorize.
disable_forgot_password_mail = Account recovery is disabled. Please contact your site administrator.
sspi_auth_failed = SSPI authentication failed
password_pwned = The password you chose is on a <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">list of stolen passwords</a> previously exposed in public data breaches. Please try again with a different password.
password_pwned_err = Could not complete request to HaveIBeenPwned
activate_account = Please activate your account
activate_email = Verify your email address
reset_password = Recover your account
register_success = Registration successful
register_notify = Welcome to Gitea
yes = Yes
no = No
modify = Update
UserName = Username
RepoName = Repository name
Email = Email address
Password = Password
Retype = Re-Type Password
SSHTitle = SSH key name
HttpsUrl = HTTPS URL
PayloadUrl = Payload URL
TeamName = Team name
AuthName = Authorization name
AdminEmail = Admin email
NewBranchName = New branch name
CommitSummary = Commit summary
CommitMessage = Commit message
CommitChoice = Commit choice
TreeName = File path
Content = Content
SSPISeparatorReplacement = Separator
SSPIDefaultLanguage = Default Language
require_error = ` cannot be empty.`
alpha_dash_error = ` should contain only alphanumeric, dash ('-') and underscore ('_') characters.`
alpha_dash_dot_error = ` should contain only alphanumeric, dash ('-'), underscore ('_') and dot ('.') characters.`
git_ref_name_error = ` must be a well-formed Git reference name.`
size_error = ` must be size %s.`
min_size_error = ` must contain at least %s characters.`
max_size_error = ` must contain at most %s characters.`
email_error = ` is not a valid email address.`
url_error = ` is not a valid URL.`
include_error = ` must contain substring '%s'.`
glob_pattern_error = ` glob pattern is invalid: %s.`
unknown_error = Unknown error:
captcha_incorrect = The CAPTCHA code is incorrect.
password_not_match = The passwords do not match.
lang_select_error = Select a language from the list.
username_been_taken = The username is already taken.
username_change_not_local_user = Non-local users are not allowed to change their username.
repo_name_been_taken = The repository name is already used.
repository_files_already_exist = Files already exist for this repository. Contact the system administrator.
repository_files_already_exist.adopt = Files already exist for this repository and can only be Adopted.
repository_files_already_exist.delete = Files already exist for this repository. You must delete them.
repository_files_already_exist.adopt_or_delete = Files already exist for this repository. Either adopt them or delete them.
visit_rate_limit = Remote visit addressed rate limitation.
2fa_auth_required = Remote visit required two factors authentication.
org_name_been_taken = The organization name is already taken.
team_name_been_taken = The team name is already taken.
team_no_units_error = Allow access to at least one repository section.
email_been_used = The email address is already used.
email_invalid = The email address is invalid.
openid_been_used = The OpenID address '%s' is already used.
username_password_incorrect = Username or password is incorrect.
password_complexity = Password does not pass complexity requirements:
password_lowercase_one = At least one lowercase character
password_uppercase_one = At least one uppercase character
password_digit_one = At least one digit
password_special_one = At least one special character (punctuation, brackets, quotes, etc.)
enterred_invalid_repo_name = The repository name you entered is incorrect.
enterred_invalid_org_name = The organization name you entered is incorrect.
enterred_invalid_owner_name = The new owner name is not valid.
enterred_invalid_password = The password you entered is incorrect.
user_not_exist = The user does not exist.
team_not_exist = The team does not exist.
last_org_owner = You cannot remove the last user from the 'owners' team. There must be at least one owner for an organization.
cannot_add_org_to_team = An organization cannot be added as a team member.
invalid_ssh_key = Can not verify your SSH key: %s
invalid_gpg_key = Can not verify your GPG key: %s
invalid_ssh_principal = Invalid principal: %s
unable_verify_ssh_key = "Can not verify the SSH key; double-check it for mistakes."
auth_failed = Authentication failed: %v
still_own_repo = "Your account owns one or more repositories; delete or transfer them first."
still_has_org = "Your account is a member of one or more organizations; leave them first."
org_still_own_repo = "This organization still owns one or more repositories; delete or transfer them first."
target_branch_not_exist = Target branch does not exist.
change_avatar = Change your avatar…
join_on = Joined on
repositories = Repositories
activity = Public Activity
followers = Followers
starred = Starred Repositories
projects = Projects
following = Following
follow = Follow
unfollow = Unfollow
heatmap.loading = Loading Heatmap…
user_bio = Biography
disabled_public_activity = This user has disabled the public visibility of the activity.
form.name_reserved = The username '%s' is reserved.
form.name_pattern_not_allowed = The pattern '%s' is not allowed in a username.
form.name_chars_not_allowed = User name '%s' contains invalid characters.
profile = Profile
account = Account
password = Password
security = Security
avatar = Avatar
ssh_gpg_keys = SSH / GPG Keys
social = Social Accounts
applications = Applications
orgs = Manage Organizations
repos = Repositories
delete = Delete Account
twofa = Two-Factor Authentication
account_link = Linked Accounts
organization = Organizations
uid = Uid
u2f = Security Keys
public_profile = Public Profile
biography_placeholder = Tell us a little bit about yourself
profile_desc = Your email address will be used for notifications and other operations.
password_username_disabled = Non-local users are not allowed to change their username. Please contact your site administrator for more details.
full_name = Full Name
website = Website
location = Location
update_theme = Update Theme
update_profile = Update Profile
update_language_not_found = Language '%s' is not available.
update_profile_success = Your profile has been updated.
change_username = Your username has been changed.
change_username_prompt = Note: username changes also change your account URL.
change_username_redirect_prompt = The old username will redirect until it is claimed.
continue = Continue
cancel = Cancel
language = Language
ui = Theme
privacy = Privacy
keep_activity_private = Hide the activity from the profile page
keep_activity_private_popup = Makes the activity visible only for you and the admins
lookup_avatar_by_mail = Look Up Avatar by Email Address
federated_avatar_lookup = Federated Avatar Lookup
enable_custom_avatar = Use Custom Avatar
choose_new_avatar = Choose new avatar
update_avatar = Update Avatar
delete_current_avatar = Delete Current Avatar
uploaded_avatar_not_a_image = The uploaded file is not an image.
uploaded_avatar_is_too_big = The uploaded file has exceeded the maximum size.
update_avatar_success = Your avatar has been updated.
change_password = Update Password
old_password = Current Password
new_password = New Password
retype_new_password = Re-Type New Password
password_incorrect = The current password is incorrect.
change_password_success = Your password has been updated. Sign in using your new password from now on.
password_change_disabled = Non-local users can not update their password through the Gitea web interface.
emails = Email Addresses
manage_emails = Manage Email Addresses
manage_themes = Select default theme
manage_openid = Manage OpenID Addresses
email_desc = Your primary email address will be used for notifications and other operations.
theme_desc = This will be your default theme across the site.
primary = Primary
activated = Activated
requires_activation = Requires activation
primary_email = Make Primary
activate_email = Send Activation
activations_pending = Activations Pending
delete_email = Remove
email_deletion = Remove Email Address
email_deletion_desc = The email address and related information will be removed from your account. Git commits by this email address will remain unchanged. Continue?
email_deletion_success = The email address has been removed.
theme_update_success = Your theme was updated.
theme_update_error = The selected theme does not exist.
openid_deletion = Remove OpenID Address
openid_deletion_desc = Removing this OpenID address from your account will prevent you from signing in with it. Continue?
openid_deletion_success = The OpenID address has been removed.
add_new_email = Add New Email Address
add_new_openid = Add New OpenID URI
add_email = Add Email Address
add_openid = Add OpenID URI
add_email_confirmation_sent = A confirmation email has been sent to '%s'. Please check your inbox within the next %s to confirm your email address.
add_email_success = The new email address has been added.
email_preference_set_success = Email preference has been set successfully.
add_openid_success = The new OpenID address has been added.
keep_email_private = Hide Email Address
keep_email_private_popup = Your email address will be hidden from other users.
openid_desc = OpenID lets you delegate authentication to an external provider.
manage_ssh_keys = Manage SSH Keys
manage_ssh_principals = Manage SSH Certificate Principals
manage_gpg_keys = Manage GPG Keys
add_key = Add Key
ssh_desc = These public SSH keys are associated with your account. The corresponding private keys allow full access to your repositories.
principal_desc = These SSH certificate principals are associated with your account and allow full access to your repositories.
gpg_desc = These public GPG keys are associated with your account. Keep your private keys safe as they allow commits to be verified.
ssh_helper = <strong>Need help?</strong> Have a look at GitHub's guide to <a href="%s">create your own SSH keys</a> or solve <a href="%s">common problems</a> you may encounter using SSH.
gpg_helper = <strong>Need help?</strong> Have a look at GitHub's guide <a href="%s">about GPG</a>.
add_new_key = Add SSH Key
add_new_gpg_key = Add GPG Key
key_content_ssh_placeholder = Begins with 'ssh-ed25519', 'ssh-rsa', 'ecdsa-sha2-nistp256', 'ecdsa-sha2-nistp384', 'ecdsa-sha2-nistp521', '', or ''
key_content_gpg_placeholder = Begins with '-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----'
add_new_principal = Add Principal
ssh_key_been_used = This SSH key has already been added to the server.
ssh_key_name_used = An SSH key with same name already exists on your account.
ssh_principal_been_used = This principal has already been added to the server.
gpg_key_id_used = A public GPG key with same ID already exists.
gpg_no_key_email_found = This GPG key is not usable with any email address associated with your account.
subkeys = Subkeys
key_id = Key ID
key_name = Key Name
key_content = Content
principal_content = Content
add_key_success = The SSH key '%s' has been added.
add_gpg_key_success = The GPG key '%s' has been added.
add_principal_success = The SSH certificate principal '%s' has been added.
delete_key = Remove
ssh_key_deletion = Remove SSH Key
gpg_key_deletion = Remove GPG Key
ssh_principal_deletion = Remove SSH Certificate Principal
ssh_key_deletion_desc = Removing an SSH key revokes its access to your account. Continue?
gpg_key_deletion_desc = Removing a GPG key un-verifies commits signed by it. Continue?
ssh_principal_deletion_desc = Removing a SSH Certificate Principal revokes its access to your account. Continue?
ssh_key_deletion_success = The SSH key has been removed.
gpg_key_deletion_success = The GPG key has been removed.
ssh_principal_deletion_success = The principal has been removed.
add_on = Added on
valid_until = Valid until
valid_forever = Valid forever
last_used = Last used on
no_activity = No recent activity
can_read_info = Read
can_write_info = Write
key_state_desc = This key has been used in the last 7 days
token_state_desc = This token has been used in the last 7 days
principal_state_desc = This principal has been used in the last 7 days
show_openid = Show on profile
hide_openid = Hide from profile
ssh_disabled = SSH Disabled
ssh_externally_managed = This SSH key is externally managed for this user
manage_social = Manage Associated Social Accounts
social_desc = These social accounts are linked to your Gitea account. Make sure you recognize all of them as they can be used to sign in to your Gitea account.
unbind = Unlink
unbind_success = The social account has been unlinked from your Gitea account.
manage_access_token = Manage Access Tokens
generate_new_token = Generate New Token
tokens_desc = These tokens grant access to your account using the Gitea API.
new_token_desc = Applications using a token have full access to your account.
token_name = Token Name
generate_token = Generate Token
generate_token_success = Your new token has been generated. Copy it now as it will not be shown again.
generate_token_name_duplicate = <strong>%s</strong> has been used as an application name already. Please use a new one.
delete_token = Delete
access_token_deletion = Delete Access Token
access_token_deletion_desc = Deleting a token will revoke access to your account for applications using it. Continue?
delete_token_success = The token has been deleted. Applications using it no longer have access to your account.
manage_oauth2_applications = Manage OAuth2 Applications
edit_oauth2_application = Edit OAuth2 Application
oauth2_applications_desc = OAuth2 applications enables your third-party application to securely authenticate users at this Gitea instance.
remove_oauth2_application = Remove OAuth2 Application
remove_oauth2_application_desc = Removing an OAuth2 application will revoke access to all signed access tokens. Continue?
remove_oauth2_application_success = The application has been deleted.
create_oauth2_application = Create a new OAuth2 Application
create_oauth2_application_button = Create Application
create_oauth2_application_success = You've successfully created a new OAuth2 application.
update_oauth2_application_success = You've successfully updated the OAuth2 application.
oauth2_application_name = Application Name
oauth2_select_type = Which application type fits?
oauth2_type_web = Web (e.g. Node.JS, Tomcat, Go)
oauth2_type_native = Native (e.g. Mobile, Desktop, Browser)
oauth2_redirect_uri = Redirect URI
save_application = Save
oauth2_client_id = Client ID
oauth2_client_secret = Client Secret
oauth2_regenerate_secret = Regenerate Secret
oauth2_regenerate_secret_hint = Lost your secret?
oauth2_client_secret_hint = The secret won't be visible if you revisit this page. Please save your secret.
oauth2_application_edit = Edit
oauth2_application_create_description = OAuth2 applications gives your third-party application access to user accounts on this instance.
oauth2_application_remove_description = Removing an OAuth2 application will prevent it to access authorized user accounts on this instance. Continue?
authorized_oauth2_applications = Authorized OAuth2 Applications
authorized_oauth2_applications_description = You've granted access to your personal Gitea account to these third party applications. Please revoke access for applications no longer needed.
revoke_key = Revoke
revoke_oauth2_grant = Revoke Access
revoke_oauth2_grant_description = Revoking access for this third party application will prevent this application from accessing your data. Are you sure?
revoke_oauth2_grant_success = You've revoked access successfully.
twofa_desc = Two-factor authentication enhances the security of your account.
twofa_is_enrolled = Your account is currently <strong>enrolled</strong> in two-factor authentication.
twofa_not_enrolled = Your account is not currently enrolled in two-factor authentication.
twofa_disable = Disable Two-Factor Authentication
twofa_scratch_token_regenerate = Regenerate Scratch Token
twofa_scratch_token_regenerated = Your scratch token is now %s. Store it in a safe place.
twofa_enroll = Enroll into Two-Factor Authentication
twofa_disable_note = You can disable two-factor authentication if needed.
twofa_disable_desc = Disabling two-factor authentication will make your account less secure. Continue?
regenerate_scratch_token_desc = If you misplaced your scratch token or have already used it to sign in you can reset it here.
twofa_disabled = Two-factor authentication has been disabled.
scan_this_image = Scan this image with your authentication application:
or_enter_secret = Or enter the secret: %s
then_enter_passcode = And enter the passcode shown in the application:
passcode_invalid = The passcode is incorrect. Try again.
twofa_enrolled = Your account has been enrolled into two-factor authentication. Store your scratch token (%s) in a safe place as it is only shown once!
twofa_failed_get_secret = Failed to get secret.
u2f_desc = Security keys are hardware devices containing cryptographic keys. They can be used for two-factor authentication. Security keys must support the <a rel="noreferrer" href="">FIDO U2F</a> standard.
u2f_require_twofa = Your account must be enrolled in two-factor authentication to use security keys.
u2f_register_key = Add Security Key
u2f_nickname = Nickname
u2f_press_button = Press the button on your security key to register it.
u2f_delete_key = Remove Security Key
u2f_delete_key_desc = If you remove a security key you can no longer sign in with it. Continue?
manage_account_links = Manage Linked Accounts
manage_account_links_desc = These external accounts are linked to your Gitea account.
account_links_not_available = There are currently no external accounts linked to your Gitea account.
remove_account_link = Remove Linked Account
remove_account_link_desc = Removing a linked account will revoke its access to your Gitea account. Continue?
remove_account_link_success = The linked account has been removed.
orgs_none = You are not a member of any organizations.
repos_none = You do not own any repositories
delete_account = Delete Your Account
delete_prompt = This operation will permanently delete your user account. It <strong>CAN NOT</strong> be undone.
delete_with_all_comments = Your account is younger than %s. To avoid ghost comments, all issue/PR comments will be deleted with it.
confirm_delete_account = Confirm Deletion
delete_account_title = Delete User Account
delete_account_desc = Are you sure you want to permanently delete this user account?
email_notifications.enable = Enable Email Notifications
email_notifications.onmention = Only Email on Mention
email_notifications.disable = Disable Email Notifications
email_notifications.submit = Set Email Preference
new_repo_helper = A repository contains all project files, including revision history. Already have it elsewhere? <a href="%s">Migrate repository.</a>
owner = Owner
owner_helper = Some organizations may not show up in the dropdown due to a maximum repository count limit.
repo_name = Repository Name
repo_name_helper = Good repository names use short, memorable and unique keywords.
repo_size = Repository Size
template = Template
template_select = Select a template.
template_helper = Make repository a template
template_description = Template repositories let users generate new repositories with the same directory structure, files, and optional settings.
visibility = Visibility
visibility_description = Only the owner or the organization members if they have rights, will be able to see it.
visibility_helper = Make Repository Private
visibility_helper_forced = Your site administrator forces new repositories to be private.
visibility_fork_helper = (Changing this will affect all forks.)
clone_helper = Need help cloning? Visit <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">Help</a>.
fork_repo = Fork Repository
fork_from = Fork From
fork_visibility_helper = The visibility of a forked repository cannot be changed.
use_template = Use this template
generate_repo = Generate Repository
generate_from = Generate From
repo_desc = Description
repo_desc_helper = Enter short description (optional)
repo_lang = Language
repo_gitignore_helper = Select .gitignore templates.
repo_gitignore_helper_desc = Choose which files not to track from a list of templates for common languages. Typical artifacts generated by each language's build tools are included on .gitignore by default.
issue_labels = Issue Labels
issue_labels_helper = Select an issue label set.
license = License
license_helper = Select a license file.
license_helper_desc = A license governs what others can and can't do with your code. Not sure which one is right for your project? See <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">Choose a license.</a>
readme = README
readme_helper = Select a README file template.
readme_helper_desc = This is the place where you can write a complete description for your project.
auto_init = Initialize Repository (Adds .gitignore, License and README)
trust_model_helper = Select trust model for signature verification. Possible options are:
trust_model_helper_collaborator = Collaborator: Trust signatures by collaborators
trust_model_helper_committer = Committer: Trust signatures that match committers
trust_model_helper_collaborator_committer = Collaborator+Committer: Trust signatures by collaborators which match the committer
trust_model_helper_default = Default: Use the default trust model for this installation
create_repo = Create Repository
default_branch = Default Branch
default_branch_helper = The default branch is the base branch for pull requests and code commits.
mirror_prune = Prune
mirror_prune_desc = Remove obsolete remote-tracking references
mirror_interval = Mirror Interval (valid time units are 'h', 'm', 's'). 0 to disable automatic sync.
mirror_interval_invalid = The mirror interval is not valid.
mirror_address = Clone From URL
mirror_address_desc = Put any required credentials in the Clone Authorization section.
mirror_address_url_invalid = The provided url is invalid. You must escape all components of the url correctly.
mirror_address_protocol_invalid = The provided url is invalid. Only http(s):// or git:// locations can be mirrored from.
mirror_last_synced = Last Synchronized
watchers = Watchers
stargazers = Stargazers
forks = Forks
pick_reaction = Pick your reaction
reactions_more = and %d more
unit_disabled = The site administrator has disabled this repository section.
language_other = Other
adopt_search = Enter username to search for unadopted repositories... (leave blank to find all)
adopt_preexisting_label = Adopt Files
adopt_preexisting = Adopt pre-existing files
adopt_preexisting_content = Create repository from %s
adopt_preexisting_success = Adopted files and created repository from %s
delete_preexisting_label = Delete
delete_preexisting = Delete pre-existing files
delete_preexisting_content = Delete files in %s
delete_preexisting_success = Deleted unadopted files in %s
transfer.accept = Accept Transfer
transfer.accept_desc = Transfer to "%s"
transfer.reject = Reject Transfer
transfer.reject_desc = Cancel transfer to "%s"
transfer.no_permission_to_accept = You do not have permission to Accept
transfer.no_permission_to_reject = You do not have permission to Reject
desc.private = Private
desc.public = Public
desc.private_template = Private template
desc.public_template = Template
desc.internal = Internal
desc.internal_template = Internal template
desc.archived = Archived
template.items = Template Items
template.git_content = Git Content (Default Branch)
template.git_hooks = Git Hooks
template.git_hooks_tooltip = You are currently unable to modify or remove git hooks once added. Select this only if you trust the template repository.
template.webhooks = Webhooks
template.topics = Topics
template.avatar = Avatar
template.issue_labels = Issue Labels
template.one_item = Must select at least one template item
template.invalid = Must select a template repository
archive.title = This repo is archived. You can view files and clone it, but cannot push or open issues/pull-requests.
archive.issue.nocomment = This repo is archived. You cannot comment on issues.
archive.pull.nocomment = This repo is archived. You cannot comment on pull requests.
form.reach_limit_of_creation_1 = You have already reached your limit of %d repository.
form.reach_limit_of_creation_n = You have already reached your limit of %d repositories.
form.name_reserved = The repository name '%s' is reserved.
form.name_pattern_not_allowed = The pattern '%s' is not allowed in a repository name.
need_auth = Clone Authorization
migrate_options = Migration Options
migrate_service = Migration Service
migrate_options_mirror_helper = This repository will be a <span class="text blue">mirror</span>
migrate_options_mirror_disabled = Your site administrator has disabled new mirrors.
migrate_items = Migration Items
migrate_items_wiki = Wiki
migrate_items_milestones = Milestones
migrate_items_labels = Labels
migrate_items_issues = Issues
migrate_items_pullrequests = Pull Requests
migrate_items_merge_requests = Merge Requests
migrate_items_releases = Releases
migrate_repo = Migrate Repository
migrate.clone_address = Migrate / Clone From URL
migrate.clone_address_desc = The HTTP(S) or Git 'clone' URL of an existing repository
migrate.clone_local_path = or a local server path
migrate.permission_denied = You are not allowed to import local repositories.
migrate.permission_denied_blocked = You are not allowed to import from blocked hosts.
migrate.permission_denied_private_ip = You are not allowed to import from private IPs.
migrate.invalid_local_path = "The local path is invalid. It does not exist or is not a directory."
migrate.failed = Migration failed: %v
migrate.lfs_mirror_unsupported = Mirroring LFS objects is not supported - use 'git lfs fetch --all' and 'git lfs push --all' instead.
migrate.migrate_items_options = Access Token is required to migrate additional items
migrated_from = Migrated from <a href="%[1]s">%[2]s</a>
migrated_from_fake = Migrated From %[1]s
migrate.migrate = Migrate From %s
migrate.migrating = Migrating from <b>%s</b> ...
migrate.migrating_failed = Migrating from <b>%s</b> failed.
migrate.github.description = Migrating data from or Github Enterprise.
migrate.git.description = Migrating or Mirroring git data from Git services
migrate.gitlab.description = Migrating data from or Self-Hosted gitlab server.
migrate.gitea.description = Migrating data from or Self-Hosted Gitea server.
migrate.gogs.description = Migrating data from or other Self-Hosted Gogs server.
mirror_from = mirror of
forked_from = forked from
generated_from = generated from
fork_from_self = You cannot fork a repository you own.
fork_guest_user = Sign in to fork this repository.
watch_guest_user = Sign in to watch this repository.
star_guest_user = Sign in to star this repository.
copy_link = Copy
copy_link_success = Link has been copied
copy_link_error = Use ‚ĆėC or Ctrl-C to copy
copied = Copied OK
unwatch = Unwatch
watch = Watch
unstar = Unstar
star = Star
fork = Fork
download_archive = Download Repository
no_desc = No Description
quick_guide = Quick Guide
clone_this_repo = Clone this repository
create_new_repo_command = Creating a new repository on the command line
push_exist_repo = Pushing an existing repository from the command line
empty_message = This repository does not contain any content.
code = Code
code.desc = Access source code, files, commits and branches.
branch = Branch
tree = Tree
clear_ref = `Clear current reference`
filter_branch_and_tag = Filter branch or tag
branches = Branches
tags = Tags
issues = Issues
pulls = Pull Requests
project_board = Projects
labels = Labels
org_labels_desc = Organization level labels that can be used with <strong>all repositories</strong> under this organization
org_labels_desc_manage = manage
milestones = Milestones
commits = Commits
commit = Commit
release = Release
releases = Releases
tag = Tag
released_this = released this
file_raw = Raw
file_history = History
file_view_source = View Source
file_view_rendered = View Rendered
file_view_raw = View Raw
file_permalink = Permalink
file_too_large = The file is too large to be shown.
video_not_supported_in_browser = Your browser does not support the HTML5 'video' tag.
audio_not_supported_in_browser = Your browser does not support the HTML5 'audio' tag.
stored_lfs = Stored with Git LFS
symbolic_link = Symbolic link
commit_graph = Commit Graph = Select branches
commit_graph.hide_pr_refs = Hide Pull Requests
commit_graph.monochrome = Mono
commit_graph.color = Color
blame = Blame
normal_view = Normal View
line = line
lines = lines
editor.new_file = New File
editor.upload_file = Upload File
editor.edit_file = Edit File
editor.preview_changes = Preview Changes
editor.cannot_edit_lfs_files = LFS files cannot be edited in the web interface.
editor.cannot_edit_non_text_files = Binary files cannot be edited in the web interface.
editor.edit_this_file = Edit File
editor.this_file_locked = File is locked
editor.must_be_on_a_branch = You must be on a branch to make or propose changes to this file.
editor.fork_before_edit = You must fork this repository to make or propose changes to this file.
editor.delete_this_file = Delete File
editor.must_have_write_access = You must have write access to make or propose changes to this file.
editor.file_delete_success = File '%s' has been deleted.
editor.name_your_file = Name your file…
editor.filename_help = Add a directory by typing its name followed by a slash ('/'). Remove a directory by typing backspace at the beginning of the input field.
editor.or = or
editor.cancel_lower = Cancel
editor.commit_signed_changes = Commit Signed Changes
editor.commit_changes = Commit Changes
editor.add_tmpl = Add '<filename>'
editor.add = Add '%s'
editor.update = Update '%s'
editor.delete = Delete '%s'
editor.commit_message_desc = Add an optional extended description…
editor.signoff_desc = Add a Signed-off-by trailer by the committer at the end of the commit log message.
editor.commit_directly_to_this_branch = Commit directly to the <strong class="branch-name">%s</strong> branch.
editor.create_new_branch = Create a <strong>new branch</strong> for this commit and start a pull request.
editor.create_new_branch_np = Create a <strong>new branch</strong> for this commit.
editor.propose_file_change = Propose file change
editor.new_branch_name_desc = New branch name…
editor.cancel = Cancel
editor.filename_cannot_be_empty = The filename cannot be empty.
editor.filename_is_invalid = The filename is invalid: '%s'.
editor.branch_does_not_exist = Branch '%s' does not exist in this repository.
editor.branch_already_exists = Branch '%s' already exists in this repository.
editor.directory_is_a_file = Directory name '%s' is already used as a filename in this repository.
editor.file_is_a_symlink = '%s' is a symbolic link. Symbolic links cannot be edited in the web editor
editor.filename_is_a_directory = Filename '%s' is already used as a directory name in this repository.
editor.file_editing_no_longer_exists = The file being edited, '%s', no longer exists in this repository.
editor.file_deleting_no_longer_exists = The file being deleted, '%s', no longer exists in this repository.
editor.file_changed_while_editing = The file contents have changed since you started editing. <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">Click here</a> to see them or <strong>Commit Changes again</strong> to overwrite them.
editor.file_already_exists = A file named '%s' already exists in this repository.
editor.commit_empty_file_header = Commit an empty file
editor.commit_empty_file_text = The file you're about to commit is empty. Proceed?
editor.no_changes_to_show = There are no changes to show.
editor.fail_to_update_file = Failed to update/create file '%s'.
editor.fail_to_update_file_summary = Error Message:
editor.push_rejected_no_message = The change was rejected by the server without a message. Please check githooks.
editor.push_rejected = The change was rejected by the server. Please check githooks.
editor.push_rejected_summary = Full Rejection Message:
editor.add_subdir = Add a directory…
editor.unable_to_upload_files = Failed to upload files to '%s' with error: %v
editor.upload_file_is_locked = File '%s' is locked by %s.
editor.upload_files_to_dir = Upload files to '%s'
editor.cannot_commit_to_protected_branch = Cannot commit to protected branch '%s'.
editor.no_commit_to_branch = Unable to commit directly to branch because:
editor.user_no_push_to_branch = User cannot push to branch
editor.require_signed_commit = Branch requires a signed commit
commits.desc = Browse source code change history.
commits.commits = Commits
commits.no_commits = No commits in common. '%s' and '%s' have entirely different histories. = Search commits… = You can prefix keywords with "author:", "committer:", "after:", or "before:", e.g. "revert author:Alice before:2019-04-01".
commits.find = Search
commits.search_all = All Branches = Author
commits.message = Message = Date
commits.older = Older
commits.newer = Newer
commits.signed_by = Signed by
commits.signed_by_untrusted_user = Signed by untrusted user
commits.signed_by_untrusted_user_unmatched = Signed by untrusted user who does not match committer
commits.gpg_key_id = GPG Key ID
ext_issues = Ext. Issues
ext_issues.desc = Link to an external issue tracker.
projects = Projects
projects.desc = Manage issues and pulls in project boards.
projects.description = Description (optional)
projects.description_placeholder = Description
projects.create = Create Project
projects.title = Title = New project
projects.new_subheader = Coordinate, track, and update your work in one place, so projects stay transparent and on schedule.
projects.create_success = The project '%s' has been created.
projects.deletion = Delete Project
projects.deletion_desc = Deleting a project removes it from all related issues. Continue?
projects.deletion_success = The project has been deleted.
projects.edit = Edit Projects
projects.edit_subheader = Projects organize issues and track progress.
projects.modify = Update Project
projects.edit_success = Project '%s' has been updated.
projects.type.none = "None"
projects.type.basic_kanban = "Basic Kanban"
projects.type.bug_triage = "Bug Triage"
projects.template.desc = "Project template"
projects.template.desc_helper = "Select a project template to get started"
projects.type.uncategorized = Uncategorized
projects.board.edit = "Edit board"
projects.board.edit_title = "New Board Name"
projects.board.new_title = "New Board Name"
projects.board.new_submit = "Submit" = "New Board"
projects.board.set_default = "Set Default"
projects.board.set_default_desc = "Set this board as default for uncategorized issues and pulls"
projects.board.delete = "Delete Board"
projects.board.deletion_desc = "Deleting a project board moves all related issues to 'Uncategorized'. Continue?" = Open
projects.close = Close
issues.desc = Organize bug reports, tasks and milestones.
issues.filter_assignees = Filter Assignee
issues.filter_milestones = Filter Milestone
issues.filter_projects = Filter Project
issues.filter_labels = Filter Label
issues.filter_reviewers = Filter Reviewer = New Issue = Title cannot be empty = Labels = Apply labels = No Label = Clear labels = Projects = Set Project = Clear projects = No project = Open Projects = Closed Projects = No items = Milestone = Set milestone = No Milestone = Clear milestone = Open Milestones = Closed Milestones = Assignees = Assign users = Clear assignees = No Assignees = No reviewers = Request review
issues.choose.get_started = Get Started
issues.choose.blank = Default
issues.choose.blank_about = Create an issue from default template.
issues.no_ref = No Branch/Tag Specified
issues.create = Create Issue
issues.new_label = New Label
issues.new_label_placeholder = Label name
issues.new_label_desc_placeholder = Description
issues.create_label = Create Label
issues.label_templates.title = Load a predefined set of labels = No labels exist yet. Create a label with 'New Label' or use a predefined label set:
issues.label_templates.helper = Select a label set
issues.label_templates.use = Use Label Set
issues.label_templates.fail_to_load_file = Failed to load label template file '%s': %v
issues.add_label = added the %s label %s
issues.add_labels = added the %s labels %s
issues.remove_label = removed the %s label %s
issues.remove_labels = removed the %s labels %s
issues.add_remove_labels = added %s and removed %s labels %s
issues.add_milestone_at = `added this to the <b>%s</b> milestone %s`
issues.add_project_at = `added this to the <b>%s</b> project %s`
issues.change_milestone_at = `modified the milestone from <b>%s</b> to <b>%s</b> %s`
issues.change_project_at = `modified the project from <b>%s</b> to <b>%s</b> %s`
issues.remove_milestone_at = `removed this from the <b>%s</b> milestone %s`
issues.remove_project_at = `removed this from the <b>%s</b> project %s`
issues.deleted_milestone = `(deleted)`
issues.deleted_project = `(deleted)`
issues.self_assign_at = `self-assigned this %s`
issues.add_assignee_at = `was assigned by <b>%s</b> %s`
issues.remove_assignee_at = `was unassigned by <b>%s</b> %s`
issues.remove_self_assignment = `removed their assignment %s`
issues.change_title_at = `changed title from <b><strike>%s</strike></b> to <b>%s</b> %s`
issues.delete_branch_at = `deleted branch <b>%s</b> %s`
issues.open_tab = %d Open
issues.close_tab = %d Closed
issues.filter_label = Label
issues.filter_label_exclude = `Use <code>alt</code> + <code>click/enter</code> to exclude labels`
issues.filter_label_no_select = All labels
issues.filter_milestone = Milestone
issues.filter_milestone_no_select = All milestones
issues.filter_assignee = Assignee
issues.filter_assginee_no_select = All assignees
issues.filter_type = Type
issues.filter_type.all_issues = All issues
issues.filter_type.assigned_to_you = Assigned to you
issues.filter_type.created_by_you = Created by you
issues.filter_type.mentioning_you = Mentioning you
issues.filter_type.review_requested = Review requested
issues.filter_sort = Sort
issues.filter_sort.latest = Newest
issues.filter_sort.oldest = Oldest
issues.filter_sort.recentupdate = Recently updated
issues.filter_sort.leastupdate = Least recently updated
issues.filter_sort.mostcomment = Most commented
issues.filter_sort.leastcomment = Least commented
issues.filter_sort.nearduedate = Nearest due date
issues.filter_sort.farduedate = Farthest due date
issues.filter_sort.moststars = Most stars
issues.filter_sort.feweststars = Fewest stars
issues.filter_sort.mostforks = Most forks
issues.filter_sort.fewestforks = Fewest forks
issues.action_open = Open
issues.action_close = Close
issues.action_label = Label
issues.action_milestone = Milestone
issues.action_milestone_no_select = No milestone
issues.action_assignee = Assignee
issues.action_assignee_no_select = No assignee
issues.opened_by = opened %[1]s by <a href="%[2]s">%[3]s</a>
pulls.merged_by = by <a href="%[2]s">%[3]s</a> merged %[1]s
pulls.merged_by_fake = by %[2]s merged %[1]s
issues.closed_by = by <a href="%[2]s">%[3]s</a> closed %[1]s
issues.opened_by_fake = by %[2]s opened %[1]s
issues.closed_by_fake = by %[2]s closed %[1]s
issues.previous = Previous = Next
issues.open_title = Open
issues.closed_title = Closed
issues.num_comments = %d comments
issues.commented_at = `commented <a href="#%s">%s</a>`
issues.delete_comment_confirm = Are you sure you want to delete this comment?
issues.context.copy_link = Copy Link
issues.context.quote_reply = Quote Reply
issues.context.reference_issue = Reference in new issue
issues.context.edit = Edit
issues.context.delete = Delete
issues.no_content = There is no content yet.
issues.close_issue = Close
issues.pull_merged_at = `merged commit <a href="%[1]s">%[2]s</a> into <b>%[3]s</b> %[4]s`
issues.manually_pull_merged_at = `merged commit <a href="%[1]s">%[2]s</a> into <b>%[3]s</b> %[4]s manually`
issues.close_comment_issue = Comment and Close
issues.reopen_issue = Reopen
issues.reopen_comment_issue = Comment and Reopen
issues.create_comment = Comment
issues.closed_at = `closed this issue <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.reopened_at = `reopened this issue <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.commit_ref_at = `referenced this issue from a commit <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.ref_issue_from = `<a href="%[3]s">referenced this issue %[4]s</a> <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.ref_pull_from = `<a href="%[3]s">referenced this pull request %[4]s</a> <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.ref_closing_from = `<a href="%[3]s">referenced a pull request %[4]s that will close this issue</a> <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.ref_reopening_from = `<a href="%[3]s">referenced a pull request %[4]s that will reopen this issue</a> <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.ref_closed_from = `<a href="%[3]s">closed this issue %[4]s</a> <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.ref_reopened_from = `<a href="%[3]s">reopened this issue %[4]s</a> <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.ref_from = `from %[1]s`
issues.poster = Poster
issues.collaborator = Collaborator
issues.owner = Owner
issues.re_request_review=Re-request review
issues.is_stale = There have been changes to this PR since this review
issues.remove_request_review=Remove review request
issues.remove_request_review_block=Can't remove review request
issues.dismiss_review = Dismiss Review
issues.dismiss_review_warning = Are you sure you want to dismiss this review?
issues.sign_in_require_desc = <a href="%s">Sign in</a> to join this conversation.
issues.edit = Edit
issues.cancel = Cancel = Save
issues.label_title = Label name
issues.label_description = Label description
issues.label_color = Label color
issues.label_count = %d labels
issues.label_open_issues = %d open issues
issues.label_edit = Edit
issues.label_delete = Delete
issues.label_modify = Edit Label
issues.label_deletion = Delete Label
issues.label_deletion_desc = Deleting a label removes it from all issues. Continue?
issues.label_deletion_success = The label has been deleted.
issues.label.filter_sort.alphabetically = Alphabetically
issues.label.filter_sort.reverse_alphabetically = Reverse alphabetically
issues.label.filter_sort.by_size = Smallest size
issues.label.filter_sort.reverse_by_size = Largest size
issues.num_participants = %d Participants
issues.attachment.open_tab = `Click to see "%s" in a new tab` = `Click to download "%s"`
issues.subscribe = Subscribe
issues.unsubscribe = Unsubscribe
issues.lock = Lock conversation
issues.unlock = Unlock conversation
issues.lock.unknown_reason = Cannot lock an issue with an unknown reason.
issues.lock_duplicate = An issue cannot be locked twice.
issues.unlock_error = Cannot unlock an issue that is not locked.
issues.lock_with_reason = "locked as <strong>%s</strong> and limited conversation to collaborators %s"
issues.lock_no_reason = "locked and limited conversation to collaborators %s"
issues.unlock_comment = "unlocked this conversation %s"
issues.lock_confirm = Lock
issues.unlock_confirm = Unlock
issues.lock.notice_1 = - Other users can’t add new comments to this issue.
issues.lock.notice_2 = - You and other collaborators with access to this repository can still leave comments that others can see.
issues.lock.notice_3 = - You can always unlock this issue again in the future.
issues.unlock.notice_1 = - Everyone would be able to comment on this issue once more.
issues.unlock.notice_2 = - You can always lock this issue again in the future.
issues.lock.reason = Reason for locking
issues.lock.title = Lock conversation on this issue.
issues.unlock.title = Unlock conversation on this issue.
issues.comment_on_locked = You cannot comment on a locked issue.
issues.tracker = Time Tracker
issues.start_tracking_short = Start Timer
issues.start_tracking = Start Time Tracking
issues.start_tracking_history = `started working %s`
issues.tracker_auto_close = Timer will be stopped automatically when this issue gets closed
issues.tracking_already_started = `You have already started time tracking on <a href="%s">another issue</a>!`
issues.stop_tracking = Stop Timer
issues.stop_tracking_history = `stopped working %s`
issues.cancel_tracking = Discard
issues.cancel_tracking_history = `cancelled time tracking %s`
issues.add_time = Manually Add Time
issues.del_time = Delete this time log
issues.add_time_short = Add Time
issues.add_time_cancel = Cancel
issues.add_time_history = `added spent time %s`
issues.del_time_history= `deleted spent time %s`
issues.add_time_hours = Hours
issues.add_time_minutes = Minutes
issues.add_time_sum_to_small = No time was entered.
issues.time_spent_total = Total Time Spent
issues.time_spent_from_all_authors = `Total Time Spent: %s`
issues.due_date = Due Date
issues.invalid_due_date_format = "Due date format must be 'yyyy-mm-dd'."
issues.error_modifying_due_date = "Failed to modify the due date."
issues.error_removing_due_date = "Failed to remove the due date."
issues.push_commit_1 = "added %d commit %s"
issues.push_commits_n = "added %d commits %s"
issues.force_push_codes = `force-pushed %[1]s from <a href="%[3]s">%[2]s</a> to <a href="%[5]s">%[4]s</a> %[6]s`
issues.due_date_form = "yyyy-mm-dd"
issues.due_date_form_add = "Add due date"
issues.due_date_form_edit = "Edit"
issues.due_date_form_remove = "Remove"
issues.due_date_not_writer = "You need repository write access to update an issue's due date."
issues.due_date_not_set = "No due date set."
issues.due_date_added = "added the due date %s %s"
issues.due_date_modified = "modified the due date to %s from %s %s"
issues.due_date_remove = "removed the due date %s %s"
issues.due_date_overdue = "Overdue"
issues.due_date_invalid = "The due date is invalid or out of range. Please use the format 'yyyy-mm-dd'."
issues.dependency.title = Dependencies
issues.dependency.issue_no_dependencies = This issue currently doesn't have any dependencies.
issues.dependency.pr_no_dependencies = This pull request currently doesn't have any dependencies.
issues.dependency.add = Add dependency…
issues.dependency.cancel = Cancel
issues.dependency.remove = Remove
issues.dependency.remove_info = Remove this dependency
issues.dependency.added_dependency = `added a new dependency %s`
issues.dependency.removed_dependency = `removed a dependency %s`
issues.dependency.issue_closing_blockedby = Closing this pull request is blocked by the following issues
issues.dependency.pr_closing_blockedby = Closing this issue is blocked by the following issues
issues.dependency.issue_close_blocks = This issue blocks closing of the following issues
issues.dependency.pr_close_blocks = This pull request blocks closing of the following issues
issues.dependency.issue_close_blocked = You need to close all issues blocking this issue before you can close it.
issues.dependency.pr_close_blocked = You need to close all issues blocking this pull request before you can merge it.
issues.dependency.blocks_short = Blocks
issues.dependency.blocked_by_short = Depends on
issues.dependency.remove_header = Remove Dependency
issues.dependency.issue_remove_text = This will remove the dependency from this issue. Continue?
issues.dependency.pr_remove_text = This will remove the dependency from this pull request. Continue?
issues.dependency.setting = Enable Dependencies For Issues and Pull Requests
issues.dependency.add_error_same_issue = You cannot make an issue depend on itself.
issues.dependency.add_error_dep_issue_not_exist = Dependent issue does not exist.
issues.dependency.add_error_dep_not_exist = Dependency does not exist.
issues.dependency.add_error_dep_exists = Dependency already exists.
issues.dependency.add_error_cannot_create_circular = You cannot create a dependency with two issues blocking each other.
issues.dependency.add_error_dep_not_same_repo = Both issues must be in the same repository. = You cannot approve your own pull request. = You cannot request changes on your own pull request. = "approved these changes %s" = "reviewed %s" = "dismissed %s’s review %s" = Dismissed = left a comment = You need to leave a comment indicating the requested change(s). = "requested changes %s" = "was requested for review %s" = "requested review from %s %s" = "removed review request for %s %s" = "refused to review %s" = Pending = Review = Reviewers = Outdated = Show outdated = Hide outdated = Show resolved = Hide resolved = Resolve conversation = Unresolve conversation = marked this conversation as resolved
issues.assignee.error = Not all assignees was added due to an unexpected error.
issues.reference_issue.body = Body
pulls.desc = Enable pull requests and code reviews. = New Pull Request
pulls.compare_changes = New Pull Request
pulls.compare_changes_desc = Select the branch to merge into and the branch to pull from.
pulls.compare_base = merge into
pulls.compare_compare = pull from
pulls.filter_branch = Filter branch
pulls.no_results = No results found.
pulls.nothing_to_compare = These branches are equal. There is no need to create a pull request.
pulls.nothing_to_compare_and_allow_empty_pr = These branches are equal. This PR will be empty.
pulls.has_pull_request = `A pull request between these branches already exists: <a href="%[1]s/pulls/%[3]d">%[2]s#%[3]d</a>`
pulls.create = Create Pull Request
pulls.title_desc = wants to merge %[1]d commits from <code>%[2]s</code> into <code id="branch_target">%[3]s</code>
pulls.merged_title_desc = merged %[1]d commits from <code>%[2]s</code> into <code>%[3]s</code> %[4]s
pulls.change_target_branch_at = `changed target branch from <b>%s</b> to <b>%s</b> %s`
pulls.tab_conversation = Conversation
pulls.tab_commits = Commits
pulls.tab_files = Files Changed
pulls.reopen_to_merge = Please reopen this pull request to perform a merge.
pulls.cant_reopen_deleted_branch = This pull request cannot be reopened because the branch was deleted.
pulls.merged = Merged
pulls.merged_as = The pull request has been merged as <a rel="nofollow" class="ui sha" href="%[1]s"><code>%[2]s</code></a>.
pulls.manually_merged = Manually merged
pulls.manually_merged_as = The pull request has been manually merged as <a rel="nofollow" class="ui sha" href="%[1]s"><code>%[2]s</code></a>.
pulls.is_closed = The pull request has been closed.
pulls.has_merged = The pull request has been merged.
pulls.title_wip_desc = `<a href="#">Start the title with <strong>%s</strong></a> to prevent the pull request from being merged accidentally.`
pulls.cannot_merge_work_in_progress = This pull request is marked as a work in progress. Remove the <strong>%s</strong> prefix from the title when it's ready
pulls.data_broken = This pull request is broken due to missing fork information.
pulls.files_conflicted = This pull request has changes conflicting with the target branch.
pulls.is_checking = "Merge conflict checking is in progress. Try again in few moments."
pulls.is_empty = "This branch is equal with the target branch."
pulls.required_status_check_failed = Some required checks were not successful.
pulls.required_status_check_missing = Some required checks are missing.
pulls.required_status_check_administrator = As an administrator, you may still merge this pull request.
pulls.blocked_by_approvals = "This Pull Request doesn't have enough approvals yet. %d of %d approvals granted."
pulls.blocked_by_rejection = "This Pull Request has changes requested by an official reviewer."
pulls.blocked_by_official_review_requests = "This Pull Request has official review requests."
pulls.blocked_by_outdated_branch = "This Pull Request is blocked because it's outdated."
pulls.blocked_by_changed_protected_files_1= "This Pull Request is blocked because it changes a protected file:"
pulls.blocked_by_changed_protected_files_n= "This Pull Request is blocked because it changes protected files:"
pulls.can_auto_merge_desc = This pull request can be merged automatically.
pulls.cannot_auto_merge_desc = This pull request cannot be merged automatically due to conflicts.
pulls.cannot_auto_merge_helper = Merge manually to resolve the conflicts.
pulls.num_conflicting_files_1 = "%d conflicting file"
pulls.num_conflicting_files_n = "%d conflicting files"
pulls.approve_count_1 = "%d approval"
pulls.approve_count_n = "%d approvals"
pulls.reject_count_1 = "%d change request"
pulls.reject_count_n = "%d change requests"
pulls.waiting_count_1 = "%d waiting review"
pulls.waiting_count_n = "%d waiting reviews"
pulls.wrong_commit_id = "commit id must be a commit id on the target branch"
pulls.no_merge_desc = This pull request cannot be merged because all repository merge options are disabled.
pulls.no_merge_helper = Enable merge options in the repository settings or merge the pull request manually.
pulls.no_merge_wip = This pull request can not be merged because it is marked as being a work in progress.
pulls.no_merge_not_ready = This pull request is not ready to be merged, check review status and status checks.
pulls.no_merge_access = You are not authorized to merge this pull request.
pulls.merge_pull_request = Merge Pull Request
pulls.rebase_merge_pull_request = Rebase and Merge
pulls.rebase_merge_commit_pull_request = Rebase and Merge (--no-ff)
pulls.squash_merge_pull_request = Squash and Merge
pulls.merge_manually = Manually merged
pulls.merge_commit_id = The merge commit ID
pulls.require_signed_wont_sign = The branch requires signed commits but this merge will not be signed
pulls.invalid_merge_option = You cannot use this merge option for this pull request.
pulls.merge_conflict = Merge Failed: There was a conflict whilst merging. Hint: Try a different strategy
pulls.merge_conflict_summary = Error Message
pulls.rebase_conflict = Merge Failed: There was a conflict whilst rebasing commit: %[1]s. Hint: Try a different strategy
pulls.rebase_conflict_summary = Error Message
; </summary><code>%[2]s<br>%[3]s</code></details>
pulls.unrelated_histories = Merge Failed: The merge head and base do not share a common history. Hint: Try a different strategy
pulls.merge_out_of_date = Merge Failed: Whilst generating the merge, the base was updated. Hint: Try again.
pulls.push_rejected = Merge Failed: The push was rejected. Review the githooks for this repository.
pulls.push_rejected_summary = Full Rejection Message
pulls.push_rejected_no_message = Merge Failed: The push was rejected but there was no remote message.<br>Review the githooks for this repository
pulls.open_unmerged_pull_exists = `You cannot perform a reopen operation because there is a pending pull request (#%d) with identical properties.`
pulls.status_checking = Some checks are pending
pulls.status_checks_success = All checks were successful
pulls.status_checks_warning = Some checks reported warnings
pulls.status_checks_failure = Some checks failed
pulls.status_checks_error = Some checks reported errors
pulls.status_checks_requested = Required
pulls.status_checks_details = Details
pulls.update_branch = Update branch
pulls.update_branch_success = Branch update was successful
pulls.update_not_allowed = You are not allowed to update branch
pulls.outdated_with_base_branch = This branch is out-of-date with the base branch
pulls.closed_at = `closed this pull request <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
pulls.reopened_at = `reopened this pull request <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
pulls.merge_instruction_hint = `You can also view <a class="show-instruction">command line instructions</a>.`
pulls.merge_instruction_step1_desc = From your project repository, check out a new branch and test the changes.
pulls.merge_instruction_step2_desc = Merge the changes and update on Gitea. = New Milestone
milestones.open_tab = %d Open
milestones.close_tab = %d Closed
milestones.closed = Closed %s
milestones.update_ago = Updated %s ago
milestones.no_due_date = No due date = Open
milestones.close = Close
milestones.new_subheader = Milestones organize issues and track progress.
milestones.completeness = %d%% Completed
milestones.create = Create Milestone
milestones.title = Title
milestones.desc = Description
milestones.due_date = Due Date (optional)
milestones.clear = Clear
milestones.invalid_due_date_format = "Due date format must be 'yyyy-mm-dd'."
milestones.create_success = The milestone '%s' has been created.
milestones.edit = Edit Milestone
milestones.edit_subheader = Milestones organize issues and track progress.
milestones.cancel = Cancel
milestones.modify = Update Milestone
milestones.edit_success = Milestone '%s' has been updated.
milestones.deletion = Delete Milestone
milestones.deletion_desc = Deleting a milestone removes it from all related issues. Continue?
milestones.deletion_success = The milestone has been deleted.
milestones.filter_sort.closest_due_date = Closest due date
milestones.filter_sort.furthest_due_date = Furthest due date
milestones.filter_sort.least_complete = Least complete
milestones.filter_sort.most_complete = Most complete
milestones.filter_sort.most_issues = Most issues
milestones.filter_sort.least_issues = Least issues
signing.will_sign = This commit will be signed with key '%s'
signing.wont_sign.error = There was an error whilst checking if the commit could be signed
signing.wont_sign.nokey = There is no key available to sign this commit
signing.wont_sign.never = Commits are never signed
signing.wont_sign.always = Commits are always signed
signing.wont_sign.pubkey = The commit will not be signed because you do not have a public key associated with your account
signing.wont_sign.twofa = You must have two factor authentication enabled to have commits signed
signing.wont_sign.parentsigned = The commit will not be signed as the parent commit is not signed
signing.wont_sign.basesigned = The merge will not be signed as the base commit is not signed
signing.wont_sign.headsigned = The merge will not be signed as the head commit is not signed
signing.wont_sign.commitssigned = The merge will not be signed as all the associated commits are not signed
signing.wont_sign.approved = The merge will not be signed as the PR is not approved
signing.wont_sign.not_signed_in = You are not signed in
ext_wiki = Ext. Wiki
ext_wiki.desc = Link to an external wiki.
wiki = Wiki
wiki.welcome = Welcome to the Wiki.
wiki.welcome_desc = The wiki lets you write and share documentation with collaborators.
wiki.desc = Write and share documentation with collaborators.
wiki.create_first_page = Create the First Page = Page
wiki.filter_page = Filter page
wiki.new_page = Page
wiki.default_commit_message = Write a note about this page update (optional).
wiki.save_page = Save Page
wiki.last_commit_info = %s edited this page %s
wiki.edit_page_button = Edit
wiki.new_page_button = New Page
wiki.file_revision = Page Revision
wiki.wiki_page_revisions = Wiki Page Revisions
wiki.back_to_wiki = Back to wiki page
wiki.delete_page_button = Delete Page
wiki.delete_page_notice_1 = Deleting the wiki page '%s' cannot be undone. Continue?
wiki.page_already_exists = A wiki page with the same name already exists.
wiki.reserved_page = The wiki page name '%s' is reserved.
wiki.pages = Pages
wiki.last_updated = Last updated %s
activity = Activity
activity.period.filter_label = Period:
activity.period.daily = 1 day
activity.period.halfweekly = 3 days
activity.period.weekly = 1 week
activity.period.monthly = 1 month
activity.period.quarterly = 3 months
activity.period.semiyearly = 6 months
activity.period.yearly = 1 year
activity.overview = Overview
activity.active_prs_count_1 = <strong>%d</strong> Active Pull Request
activity.active_prs_count_n = <strong>%d</strong> Active Pull Requests
activity.merged_prs_count_1 = Merged Pull Request
activity.merged_prs_count_n = Merged Pull Requests
activity.opened_prs_count_1 = Proposed Pull Request
activity.opened_prs_count_n = Proposed Pull Requests
activity.title.user_1 = %d user
activity.title.user_n = %d users
activity.title.prs_1 = %d Pull request
activity.title.prs_n = %d Pull requests
activity.title.prs_merged_by = %s merged by %s
activity.title.prs_opened_by = %s proposed by %s
activity.merged_prs_label = Merged
activity.opened_prs_label = Proposed
activity.active_issues_count_1 = <strong>%d</strong> Active Issue
activity.active_issues_count_n = <strong>%d</strong> Active Issues
activity.closed_issues_count_1 = Closed Issue
activity.closed_issues_count_n = Closed Issues
activity.title.issues_1 = %d Issue
activity.title.issues_n = %d Issues
activity.title.issues_closed_from = %s closed from %s
activity.title.issues_created_by = %s created by %s
activity.closed_issue_label = Closed
activity.new_issues_count_1 = New Issue
activity.new_issues_count_n = New Issues
activity.new_issue_label = Opened
activity.title.unresolved_conv_1 = %d Unresolved Conversation
activity.title.unresolved_conv_n = %d Unresolved Conversations
activity.unresolved_conv_desc = These recently changed issues and pull requests have not been resolved yet.
activity.unresolved_conv_label = Open
activity.title.releases_1 = %d Release
activity.title.releases_n = %d Releases
activity.title.releases_published_by = %s published by %s
activity.published_release_label = Published
activity.no_git_activity = There has not been any commit activity in this period.
activity.git_stats_exclude_merges = Excluding merges,
activity.git_stats_author_1 = %d author
activity.git_stats_author_n = %d authors
activity.git_stats_pushed_1 = has pushed
activity.git_stats_pushed_n = have pushed
activity.git_stats_commit_1 = %d commit
activity.git_stats_commit_n = %d commits
activity.git_stats_push_to_branch = to %s and
activity.git_stats_push_to_all_branches = to all branches.
activity.git_stats_on_default_branch = On %s,
activity.git_stats_file_1 = %d file
activity.git_stats_file_n = %d files
activity.git_stats_files_changed_1 = has changed
activity.git_stats_files_changed_n = have changed
activity.git_stats_additions = and there have been
activity.git_stats_addition_1 = %d addition
activity.git_stats_addition_n = %d additions
activity.git_stats_and_deletions = and
activity.git_stats_deletion_1 = %d deletion
activity.git_stats_deletion_n = %d deletions
search = Search
search.search_repo = Search repository
search.fuzzy = Fuzzy
search.match = Match
search.results = Search results for "%s" in <a href="%s">%s</a>
settings = Settings
settings.desc = Settings is where you can manage the settings for the repository
settings.options = Repository
settings.collaboration = Collaborators
settings.collaboration.admin = Administrator
settings.collaboration.write = Write = Read
settings.collaboration.owner = Owner
settings.collaboration.undefined = Undefined
settings.hooks = Webhooks
settings.githooks = Git Hooks
settings.basic_settings = Basic Settings
settings.mirror_settings = Mirror Settings
settings.sync_mirror = Synchronize Now
settings.mirror_sync_in_progress = Mirror synchronization is in progress. Check back in a minute.
settings.email_notifications.enable = Enable Email Notifications
settings.email_notifications.onmention = Only Email on Mention
settings.email_notifications.disable = Disable Email Notifications
settings.email_notifications.submit = Set Email Preference = Website
settings.update_settings = Update Settings
settings.advanced_settings = Advanced Settings
settings.wiki_desc = Enable Repository Wiki
settings.use_internal_wiki = Use Built-In Wiki
settings.use_external_wiki = Use External Wiki
settings.external_wiki_url = External Wiki URL
settings.external_wiki_url_error = The external wiki URL is not a valid URL.
settings.external_wiki_url_desc = Visitors are redirected to the external wiki URL when clicking the wiki tab.
settings.issues_desc = Enable Repository Issue Tracker
settings.use_internal_issue_tracker = Use Built-In Issue Tracker
settings.use_external_issue_tracker = Use External Issue Tracker
settings.external_tracker_url = External Issue Tracker URL
settings.external_tracker_url_error = The external issue tracker URL is not a valid URL.
settings.external_tracker_url_desc = Visitors are redirected to the external issue tracker URL when clicking on the issues tab.
settings.tracker_url_format = External Issue Tracker URL Format
settings.tracker_url_format_error = The external issue tracker URL format is not a valid URL.
settings.tracker_issue_style = External Issue Tracker Number Format
settings.tracker_issue_style.numeric = Numeric
settings.tracker_issue_style.alphanumeric = Alphanumeric
settings.tracker_url_format_desc = Use the placeholders <code>{user}</code>, <code>{repo}</code> and <code>{index}</code> for the username, repository name and issue index.
settings.enable_timetracker = Enable Time Tracking
settings.allow_only_contributors_to_track_time = Let Only Contributors Track Time
settings.pulls_desc = Enable Repository Pull Requests
settings.pulls.ignore_whitespace = Ignore Whitespace for Conflicts
settings.pulls.allow_merge_commits = Enable Commit Merging
settings.pulls.allow_rebase_merge = Enable Rebasing to Merge Commits
settings.pulls.allow_rebase_merge_commit = Enable Rebasing with explicit merge commits (--no-ff)
settings.pulls.allow_squash_commits = Enable Squashing to Merge Commits
settings.pulls.allow_manual_merge = Enable Mark PR as manually merged
settings.pulls.enable_autodetect_manual_merge = Enable autodetect manual merge (Note: In some special cases, misjudgments can occur)
settings.projects_desc = Enable Repository Projects
settings.admin_settings = Administrator Settings
settings.admin_enable_health_check = Enable Repository Health Checks (git fsck)
settings.admin_enable_close_issues_via_commit_in_any_branch = Close an issue via a commit made in a non default branch
settings.danger_zone = Danger Zone
settings.new_owner_has_same_repo = The new owner already has a repository with same name. Please choose another name.
settings.convert = Convert to Regular Repository
settings.convert_desc = You can convert this mirror into a regular repository. This cannot be undone.
settings.convert_notices_1 = This operation will convert the mirror into a regular repository and cannot be undone.
settings.convert_confirm = Convert Repository
settings.convert_succeed = The mirror has been converted into a regular repository.
settings.convert_fork = Convert to Regular Repository
settings.convert_fork_desc = You can convert this fork into a regular repository. This cannot be undone.
settings.convert_fork_notices_1 = This operation will convert the fork into a regular repository and cannot be undone.
settings.convert_fork_confirm = Convert Repository
settings.convert_fork_succeed = The fork has been converted into a regular repository.
settings.transfer = Transfer Ownership
settings.transfer.rejected = Repository transfer was rejected.
settings.transfer.success = Repository transfer was successful.
settings.transfer_abort = Cancel transfer
settings.transfer_abort_invalid = You cannot cancel a non existent repository transfer.
settings.transfer_abort_success = The repository transfer to %s was successfully cancelled.
settings.transfer_desc = Transfer this repository to a user or to an organization for which you have administrator rights.
settings.transfer_form_title = Enter the repository name as confirmation:
settings.transfer_in_progress = There is currently an ongoing transfer. Please cancel it if you will like to transfer this repository to another user.
settings.transfer_notices_1 = - You will lose access to the repository if you transfer it to an individual user.
settings.transfer_notices_2 = - You will keep access to the repository if you transfer it to an organization that you (co-)own.
settings.transfer_owner = New Owner
settings.transfer_perform = Perform Transfer
settings.transfer_started = This repository has been marked for transfer and awaits confirmation from "%s"
settings.transfer_succeed = The repository has been transferred.
settings.signing_settings = Signing Verification Settings
settings.trust_model = Signature Trust Model
settings.trust_model.default = Default Trust Model
settings.trust_model.default.desc= Use the default repository trust model for this installation.
settings.trust_model.collaborator = Collaborator
settings.trust_model.collaborator.long = Collaborator: Trust signatures by collaborators
settings.trust_model.collaborator.desc = Valid signatures by collaborators of this repository will be marked "trusted" - (whether they match the committer or not). Otherwise, valid signatures will be marked "untrusted" if the signature matches the committer and "unmatched" if not.
settings.trust_model.committer = Committer
settings.trust_model.committer.long = Committer: Trust signatures that match committers (This matches GitHub and will force Gitea signed commits to have Gitea as the committer)
settings.trust_model.committer.desc = Valid signatures will only be marked "trusted" if they match the committer, otherwise they will be marked "unmatched". This will force Gitea to be the committer on signed commits with the actual committer marked as Co-authored-by: and Co-committed-by: trailer in the commit. The default Gitea key must match a User in the database.
settings.trust_model.collaboratorcommitter = Collaborator+Committer
settings.trust_model.collaboratorcommitter.long = Collaborator+Committer: Trust signatures by collaborators which match the committer
settings.trust_model.collaboratorcommitter.desc = Valid signatures by collaborators of this repository will be marked "trusted" if they match the committer. Otherwise, valid signatures will be marked "untrusted" if the signature matches the committer and "unmatched" otherwise. This will force Gitea to be marked as the committer on signed commits with the actual committer marked as Co-Authored-By: and Co-Committed-By: trailer in the commit. The default Gitea key must match a User in the database.
settings.wiki_delete = Delete Wiki Data
settings.wiki_delete_desc = Deleting repository wiki data is permanent and cannot be undone.
settings.wiki_delete_notices_1 = - This will permanently delete and disable the repository wiki for %s.
settings.confirm_wiki_delete = Delete Wiki Data
settings.wiki_deletion_success = The repository wiki data has been deleted.
settings.delete = Delete This Repository
settings.delete_desc = Deleting a repository is permanent and cannot be undone.
settings.delete_notices_1 = - This operation <strong>CANNOT</strong> be undone.
settings.delete_notices_2 = - This operation will permanently delete the <strong>%s</strong> repository including code, issues, comments, wiki data and collaborator settings.
settings.delete_notices_fork_1 = - Forks of this repository will become independent after deletion.
settings.deletion_success = The repository has been deleted.
settings.update_settings_success = The repository settings have been updated.
settings.confirm_delete = Delete Repository
settings.add_collaborator = Add Collaborator
settings.add_collaborator_success = The collaborator has been added.
settings.add_collaborator_inactive_user = Can not add an inactive user as a collaborator.
settings.add_collaborator_duplicate = The collaborator is already added to this repository.
settings.delete_collaborator = Remove
settings.collaborator_deletion = Remove Collaborator
settings.collaborator_deletion_desc = Removing a collaborator will revoke their access to this repository. Continue?
settings.remove_collaborator_success = The collaborator has been removed.
settings.search_user_placeholder = Search user…
settings.org_not_allowed_to_be_collaborator = Organizations cannot be added as a collaborator.
settings.change_team_access_not_allowed = Changing team access for repository has been restricted to organization owner
settings.team_not_in_organization = The team is not in the same organization as the repository
settings.teams = Teams
settings.add_team = Add Team
settings.add_team_duplicate = Team already has the repository
settings.add_team_success = The team now have access to the repository.
settings.search_team = Search Team…
settings.change_team_permission_tip = Team's permission is set on the team setting page and can't be changed per repository
settings.delete_team_tip = This team has access to all repositories and can't be removed
settings.remove_team_success = The team's access to the repository has been removed.
settings.add_webhook = Add Webhook
settings.add_webhook.invalid_channel_name = Webhook channel name cannot be empty and cannot contain only a # character.
settings.hooks_desc = Webhooks automatically make HTTP POST requests to a server when certain Gitea events trigger. Read more in the <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">webhooks guide</a>.
settings.webhook_deletion = Remove Webhook
settings.webhook_deletion_desc = Removing a webhook deletes its settings and delivery history. Continue?
settings.webhook_deletion_success = The webhook has been removed.
settings.webhook.test_delivery = Test Delivery
settings.webhook.test_delivery_desc = Test this webhook with a fake event.
settings.webhook.test_delivery_success = A fake event has been added to the delivery queue. It may take few seconds before it shows up in the delivery history.
settings.webhook.request = Request
settings.webhook.response = Response
settings.webhook.headers = Headers
settings.webhook.payload = Content
settings.webhook.body = Body
settings.githooks_desc = "Git hooks are powered by Git itself. You can edit hook files below to set up custom operations."
settings.githook_edit_desc = If the hook is inactive, sample content will be presented. Leaving content to an empty value will disable this hook.
settings.githook_name = Hook Name
settings.githook_content = Hook Content
settings.update_githook = Update Hook
settings.add_webhook_desc = Gitea will send <code>POST</code> requests with a specified content type to the target URL. Read more in the <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">webhooks guide</a>.
settings.payload_url = Target URL
settings.http_method = HTTP Method
settings.content_type = POST Content Type
settings.secret = Secret
settings.slack_username = Username
settings.slack_icon_url = Icon URL
settings.discord_username = Username
settings.discord_icon_url = Icon URL
settings.slack_color = Color
settings.event_desc = Trigger On:
settings.event_push_only = Push Events
settings.event_send_everything = All Events
settings.event_choose = Custom Events…
settings.event_header_repository = Repository Events
settings.event_create = Create
settings.event_create_desc = Branch or tag created.
settings.event_delete = Delete
settings.event_delete_desc = Branch or tag deleted.
settings.event_fork = Fork
settings.event_fork_desc = Repository forked.
settings.event_release = Release
settings.event_release_desc = Release published, updated or deleted in a repository.
settings.event_push = Push
settings.event_push_desc = Git push to a repository.
settings.event_repository = Repository
settings.event_repository_desc = Repository created or deleted.
settings.event_header_issue = Issue Events
settings.event_issues = Issues
settings.event_issues_desc = Issue opened, closed, reopened, or edited.
settings.event_issue_assign = Issue Assigned
settings.event_issue_assign_desc = Issue assigned or unassigned.
settings.event_issue_label = Issue Labeled
settings.event_issue_label_desc = Issue labels updated or cleared.
settings.event_issue_milestone = Issue Milestoned
settings.event_issue_milestone_desc = Issue milestoned or demilestoned.
settings.event_issue_comment = Issue Comment
settings.event_issue_comment_desc = Issue comment created, edited, or deleted.
settings.event_header_pull_request = Pull Request Events
settings.event_pull_request = Pull Request
settings.event_pull_request_desc = Pull request opened, closed, reopened, or edited.
settings.event_pull_request_assign = Pull Request Assigned
settings.event_pull_request_assign_desc = Pull request assigned or unassigned.
settings.event_pull_request_label = Pull Request Labeled
settings.event_pull_request_label_desc = Pull request labels updated or cleared.
settings.event_pull_request_milestone = Pull Request Milestoned
settings.event_pull_request_milestone_desc = Pull request milestoned or demilestoned.
settings.event_pull_request_comment = Pull Request Comment
settings.event_pull_request_comment_desc = Pull request comment created, edited, or deleted.
settings.event_pull_request_review = Pull Request Reviewed
settings.event_pull_request_review_desc = Pull request approved, rejected, or review comment.
settings.event_pull_request_sync = Pull Request Synchronized
settings.event_pull_request_sync_desc = Pull request synchronized.
settings.branch_filter = Branch filter
settings.branch_filter_desc = Branch whitelist for push, branch creation and branch deletion events, specified as glob pattern. If empty or <code>*</code>, events for all branches are reported. See <a href=""></a> documentation for syntax. Examples: <code>master</code>, <code>{master,release*}</code>. = Active
settings.active_helper = Information about triggered events will be sent to this webhook URL.
settings.add_hook_success = The webhook has been added.
settings.update_webhook = Update Webhook
settings.update_hook_success = The webhook has been updated.
settings.delete_webhook = Remove Webhook
settings.recent_deliveries = Recent Deliveries
settings.hook_type = Hook Type
settings.add_slack_hook_desc = Integrate <a href="%s">Slack</a> into your repository.
settings.slack_token = Token
settings.slack_domain = Domain
settings.slack_channel = Channel
settings.add_discord_hook_desc = Integrate <a href="%s">Discord</a> into your repository.
settings.add_dingtalk_hook_desc = Integrate <a href="%s">Dingtalk</a> into your repository.
settings.add_telegram_hook_desc = Integrate <a href="%s">Telegram</a> into your repository.
settings.add_matrix_hook_desc = Integrate <a href="%s">Matrix</a> into your repository.
settings.add_msteams_hook_desc = Integrate <a href="%s">Microsoft Teams</a> into your repository.
settings.add_feishu_hook_desc = Integrate <a href="%s">Feishu</a> into your repository.
settings.deploy_keys = Deploy Keys
settings.add_deploy_key = Add Deploy Key
settings.deploy_key_desc = Deploy keys have read-only pull access to the repository.
settings.is_writable = Enable Write Access
settings.is_writable_info = Allow this deploy key to <strong>push</strong> to the repository.
settings.no_deploy_keys = There are no deploy keys yet.
settings.title = Title
settings.deploy_key_content = Content
settings.key_been_used = A deploy key with identical content is already in use.
settings.key_name_used = A deploy key with the same name already exists.
settings.add_key_success = The deploy key '%s' has been added.
settings.deploy_key_deletion = Remove Deploy Key
settings.deploy_key_deletion_desc = Removing a deploy key will revoke its access to this repository. Continue?
settings.deploy_key_deletion_success = The deploy key has been removed.
settings.branches = Branches
settings.protected_branch = Branch Protection
settings.protected_branch_can_push = Allow push?
settings.protected_branch_can_push_yes = You can push
settings.protected_branch_can_push_no = You can not push
settings.branch_protection = Branch Protection for Branch '<b>%s</b>'
settings.protect_this_branch = Enable Branch Protection
settings.protect_this_branch_desc = Prevents deletion and restricts Git pushing and merging to the branch.
settings.protect_disable_push = Disable Push
settings.protect_disable_push_desc = No pushing will be allowed to this branch.
settings.protect_enable_push = Enable Push
settings.protect_enable_push_desc = Anyone with write access will be allowed to push to this branch (but not force push).
settings.protect_whitelist_committers = Whitelist Restricted Push
settings.protect_whitelist_committers_desc = Only whitelisted users or teams will be allowed to push to this branch (but not force push).
settings.protect_whitelist_deploy_keys = Whitelist deploy keys with write access to push.
settings.protect_whitelist_users = Whitelisted users for pushing:
settings.protect_whitelist_search_users = Search users…
settings.protect_whitelist_teams = Whitelisted teams for pushing:
settings.protect_whitelist_search_teams = Search teams…
settings.protect_merge_whitelist_committers = Enable Merge Whitelist
settings.protect_merge_whitelist_committers_desc = Allow only whitelisted users or teams to merge pull requests into this branch.
settings.protect_merge_whitelist_users = Whitelisted users for merging:
settings.protect_merge_whitelist_teams = Whitelisted teams for merging:
settings.protect_check_status_contexts = Enable Status Check
settings.protect_check_status_contexts_desc = Require status checks to pass before merging. Choose which status checks must pass before branches can be merged into a branch that matches this rule. When enabled, commits must first be pushed to another branch, then merged or pushed directly to a branch that matches this rule after status checks have passed. If no contexts are selected, the last commit must be successful regardless of context.
settings.protect_check_status_contexts_list = Status checks found in the last week for this repository
settings.protect_required_approvals = Required approvals:
settings.protect_required_approvals_desc = Allow only to merge pull request with enough positive reviews.
settings.protect_approvals_whitelist_enabled = Restrict approvals to whitelisted users or teams
settings.protect_approvals_whitelist_enabled_desc = Only reviews from whitelisted users or teams will count to the required approvals. Without approval whitelist, reviews from anyone with write access count to the required approvals.
settings.protect_approvals_whitelist_users = Whitelisted reviewers:
settings.protect_approvals_whitelist_teams = Whitelisted teams for reviews:
settings.dismiss_stale_approvals = Dismiss stale approvals
settings.dismiss_stale_approvals_desc = When new commits that change the content of the pull request are pushed to the branch, old approvals will be dismissed.
settings.require_signed_commits = Require Signed Commits
settings.require_signed_commits_desc = Reject pushes to this branch if they are unsigned or unverifiable.
settings.protect_protected_file_patterns = Protected file patterns (separated using semicolon '\;'):
settings.protect_protected_file_patterns_desc = Protected files that are not allowed to be changed directly even if user has rights to add, edit, or delete files in this branch. Multiple patterns can be separated using semicolon ('\;'). See <a href=""></a> documentation for pattern syntax. Examples: <code>.drone.yml</code>, <code>/docs/**/*.txt</code>.
settings.add_protected_branch = Enable protection
settings.delete_protected_branch = Disable protection
settings.update_protect_branch_success = Branch protection for branch '%s' has been updated.
settings.remove_protected_branch_success = Branch protection for branch '%s' has been disabled.
settings.protected_branch_deletion = Disable Branch Protection
settings.protected_branch_deletion_desc = Disabling branch protection allows users with write permission to push to the branch. Continue?
settings.block_rejected_reviews = Block merge on rejected reviews
settings.block_rejected_reviews_desc = Merging will not be possible when changes are requested by official reviewers, even if there are enough approvals.
settings.block_on_official_review_requests = Block merge on official review requests
settings.block_on_official_review_requests_desc = Merging will not be possible when it has official review requests, even if there are enough approvals.
settings.block_outdated_branch = Block merge if pull request is outdated
settings.block_outdated_branch_desc = Merging will not be possible when head branch is behind base branch.
settings.default_branch_desc = Select a default repository branch for pull requests and code commits:
settings.choose_branch = Choose a branch…
settings.no_protected_branch = There are no protected branches.
settings.edit_protected_branch = Edit
settings.protected_branch_required_approvals_min = Required approvals cannot be negative.
settings.bot_token = Bot Token
settings.chat_id = Chat ID
settings.matrix.homeserver_url = Homeserver URL
settings.matrix.room_id = Room ID
settings.matrix.access_token = Access Token
settings.matrix.message_type = Message Type
settings.archive.button = Archive Repo
settings.archive.header = Archive This Repo
settings.archive.text = Archiving the repo will make it entirely read-only. It is hidden from the dashboard, cannot be committed to and no issues or pull-requests can be created.
settings.archive.success = The repo was successfully archived.
settings.archive.error = An error occurred while trying to archive the repo. See the log for more details.
settings.archive.error_ismirror = You cannot archive a mirrored repo.
settings.archive.branchsettings_unavailable = Branch settings are not available if the repo is archived.
settings.unarchive.button = Un-Archive Repo
settings.unarchive.header = Un-Archive This Repo
settings.unarchive.text = Un-Archiving the repo will restore its ability to receive commits and pushes, as well as new issues and pull-requests.
settings.unarchive.success = The repo was successfully un-archived.
settings.unarchive.error = An error occurred while trying to un-archive the repo. See the log for more details.
settings.update_avatar_success = The repository avatar has been updated.
settings.lfs_filelist=LFS files stored in this repository
settings.lfs_no_lfs_files=No LFS files stored in this repository
settings.lfs_findcommits=Find commits
settings.lfs_lfs_file_no_commits=No Commits found for this LFS file
settings.lfs_noattribute=This path does not have the lockable attribute in the default branch
settings.lfs_delete=Delete LFS file with OID %s
settings.lfs_delete_warning=Deleting an LFS file may cause 'object does not exist' errors on checkout. Are you sure?
settings.lfs_findpointerfiles=Find pointer files
settings.lfs_invalid_locking_path=Invalid path: %s
settings.lfs_invalid_lock_directory=Cannot lock directory: %s
settings.lfs_lock_already_exists=Lock already exists: %s
settings.lfs_lock_path=Filepath to lock...
settings.lfs_locks_no_locks=No Locks
settings.lfs_lock_file_no_exist=Locked file does not exist in default branch
settings.lfs_force_unlock=Force Unlock
settings.lfs_pointers.found=Found %d blob pointer(s) - %d associated, %d unassociated (%d missing from store)
settings.lfs_pointers.sha=Blob SHA
settings.lfs_pointers.inRepo=In Repo
settings.lfs_pointers.exists=Exists in store
settings.lfs_pointers.accessible=Accessible to User
settings.lfs_pointers.associateAccessible=Associate accessible %d OIDs
diff.browse_source = Browse Source
diff.parent = parent
diff.commit = commit
diff.git-notes = Notes
diff.data_not_available = Diff Content Not Available
diff.options_button = Diff Options
diff.show_diff_stats = Show Stats
diff.download_patch = Download Patch File
diff.download_diff = Download Diff File
diff.show_split_view = Split View
diff.show_unified_view = Unified View
diff.whitespace_button = Whitespace
diff.whitespace_show_everything = Show all changes
diff.whitespace_ignore_all_whitespace = Ignore whitespace when comparing lines
diff.whitespace_ignore_amount_changes = Ignore changes in amount of whitespace
diff.whitespace_ignore_at_eol = Ignore changes in whitespace at EOL
diff.stats_desc = <strong> %d changed files</strong> with <strong>%d additions</strong> and <strong>%d deletions</strong>
diff.stats_desc_file = %d changes: %d additions and %d deletions
diff.bin = BIN
diff.view_file = View File
diff.file_before = Before
diff.file_after = After
diff.file_image_width = Width
diff.file_image_height = Height
diff.file_byte_size = Size
diff.file_suppressed = File diff suppressed because it is too large
diff.too_many_files = Some files were not shown because too many files changed in this diff
diff.comment.placeholder = Leave a comment
diff.comment.markdown_info = Styling with markdown is supported.
diff.comment.add_single_comment = Add single comment
diff.comment.add_review_comment = Add comment
diff.comment.start_review = Start review
diff.comment.reply = Reply = Review = Submit review = Review comment = Comment = Approve = Request changes
diff.committed_by = committed by
diff.protected = Protected
diff.image.side_by_side = Side by Side
diff.image.swipe = Swipe
diff.image.overlay = Overlay
releases.desc = Track project versions and downloads.
release.releases = Releases
release.detail = Release details
release.tags = Tags
release.new_release = New Release
release.draft = Draft
release.prerelease = Pre-Release
release.stable = Stable
release.edit = edit
release.ahead.commits = <strong>%d</strong> commits = to %s since this release
release.source_code = Source Code
release.new_subheader = Releases organize project versions.
release.edit_subheader = Releases organize project versions.
release.tag_name = Tag name = Target
release.tag_helper = Choose an existing tag or create a new tag.
release.title = Title
release.content = Content
release.prerelease_desc = Mark as Pre-Release
release.prerelease_helper = Mark this release unsuitable for production use.
release.cancel = Cancel
release.publish = Publish Release
release.save_draft = Save Draft
release.edit_release = Update Release
release.delete_release = Delete Release
release.delete_tag = Delete Tag
release.deletion = Delete Release
release.deletion_desc = Deleting a release only removes it from Gitea. Git tag, repository contents and history remain unchanged. Continue?
release.deletion_success = The release has been deleted.
release.deletion_tag_desc = Will delete this tag from repository. Repository contents and history remain unchanged. Continue?
release.deletion_tag_success = The tag has been deleted.
release.tag_name_already_exist = A release with this tag name already exists.
release.tag_name_invalid = The tag name is not valid.
release.tag_already_exist = This tag name already exists.
release.downloads = Downloads
release.download_count = Downloads: %s
release.add_tag_msg = Use the title and content of release as tag message.
release.add_tag = Create Tag Only = Branch Name = Search branches
branch.already_exists = A branch named '%s' already exists.
branch.delete_head = Delete
branch.delete = Delete Branch '%s'
branch.delete_html = Delete Branch
branch.delete_desc = Deleting a branch is permanent. It <strong>CANNOT</strong> be undone. Continue?
branch.deletion_success = Branch '%s' has been deleted.
branch.deletion_failed = Failed to delete branch '%s'.
branch.delete_branch_has_new_commits = Branch '%s' cannot be deleted because new commits have been added after merging.
branch.create_branch = Create branch <strong>%s</strong>
branch.create_from = from '%s'
branch.create_success = Branch '%s' has been created.
branch.branch_already_exists = Branch '%s' already exists in this repository.
branch.branch_name_conflict = Branch name '%s' conflicts with the already existing branch '%s'.
branch.tag_collision = Branch '%s' cannot be created as a tag with same name already exists in the repository.
branch.deleted_by = Deleted by %s
branch.restore_success = Branch '%s' has been restored.
branch.restore_failed = Failed to restore branch '%s'.
branch.protected_deletion_failed = Branch '%s' is protected. It cannot be deleted.
branch.default_deletion_failed = Branch '%s' is the default branch. It cannot be deleted.
branch.restore = Restore Branch '%s' = Download Branch '%s'
branch.included_desc = This branch is part of the default branch
branch.included = Included
tag.create_tag = Create tag <strong>%s</strong>
tag.create_success = Tag '%s' has been created.
topic.manage_topics = Manage Topics
topic.done = Done
topic.count_prompt = You can not select more than 25 topics
topic.format_prompt = Topics must start with a letter or number, can include dashes ('-') and can be up to 35 characters long.
org_name_holder = Organization Name
org_full_name_holder = Organization Full Name
org_name_helper = Organization names should be short and memorable.
create_org = Create Organization
repo_updated = Updated
people = People
teams = Teams
lower_members = members
lower_repositories = repositories
create_new_team = New Team
create_team = Create Team
org_desc = Description
team_name = Team Name
team_desc = Description
team_name_helper = Team names should be short and memorable.
team_desc_helper = Describe the purpose or role of the team.
team_access_desc = Repository access
team_permission_desc = Permission
team_unit_desc = Allow Access to Repository Sections
team_unit_disabled = (Disabled)
form.name_reserved = The organization name '%s' is reserved.
form.name_pattern_not_allowed = The pattern '%s' is not allowed in an organization name.
form.create_org_not_allowed = You are not allowed to create an organization.
settings = Settings
settings.options = Organization
settings.full_name = Full Name = Website
settings.location = Location
settings.permission = Permissions
settings.repoadminchangeteam = Repository admin can add and remove access for teams
settings.visibility = Visibility
settings.visibility.public = Public = Limited (Visible to logged in users only)
settings.visibility.limited_shortname = Limited
settings.visibility.private = Private (Visible only to organization members)
settings.visibility.private_shortname = Private
settings.update_settings = Update Settings
settings.update_setting_success = Organization settings have been updated.
settings.change_orgname_prompt = Note: changing the organization name also changes the organization's URL.
settings.change_orgname_redirect_prompt = The old name will redirect until it is claimed.
settings.update_avatar_success = The organization's avatar has been updated.
settings.delete = Delete Organization
settings.delete_account = Delete This Organization
settings.delete_prompt = The organization will be permanently removed. This <strong>CANNOT</strong> be undone!
settings.confirm_delete_account = Confirm Deletion
settings.delete_org_title = Delete Organization
settings.delete_org_desc = This organization will be deleted permanently. Continue?
settings.hooks_desc = Add webhooks which will be triggered for <strong>all repositories</strong> under this organization.
settings.labels_desc = Add labels which can be used on issues for <strong>all repositories</strong> under this organization.
members.membership_visibility = Membership Visibility:
members.public = Visible
members.public_helper = make hidden
members.private = Hidden
members.private_helper = make visible
members.member_role = Member Role:
members.owner = Owner
members.member = Member
members.remove = Remove
members.leave = Leave
members.invite_desc = Add a new member to %s:
members.invite_now = Invite Now
teams.join = Join
teams.leave = Leave
teams.can_create_org_repo = Create repositories
teams.can_create_org_repo_helper = Members can create new repositories in organization. Creator will get administrator access to the new repository.
teams.read_access = Read Access
teams.read_access_helper = Members can view and clone team repositories.
teams.write_access = Write Access
teams.write_access_helper = Members can read and push to team repositories.
teams.admin_access = Administrator Access
teams.admin_access_helper = Members can pull and push to team repositories and add collaborators to them.
teams.no_desc = This team has no description
teams.settings = Settings
teams.owners_permission_desc = Owners have full access to <strong>all repositories</strong> and have <strong>administrator access</strong> to the organization.
teams.members = Team Members
teams.update_settings = Update Settings
teams.delete_team = Delete Team
teams.add_team_member = Add Team Member
teams.delete_team_title = Delete Team
teams.delete_team_desc = Deleting a team revokes repository access from its members. Continue?
teams.delete_team_success = The team has been deleted.
teams.read_permission_desc = This team grants <strong>Read</strong> access: members can view and clone team repositories.
teams.write_permission_desc = This team grants <strong>Write</strong> access: members can read from and push to team repositories.
teams.admin_permission_desc = This team grants <strong>Admin</strong> access: members can read from, push to and add collaborators to team repositories.
teams.create_repo_permission_desc = Additionally, this team grants <strong>Create repository</strong> permission: members can create new repositories in organization.
teams.repositories = Team Repositories
teams.search_repo_placeholder = Search repository…
teams.remove_all_repos_title = Remove all team repositories
teams.remove_all_repos_desc = This will remove all repositories from the team.
teams.add_all_repos_title = Add all repositories
teams.add_all_repos_desc = This will add all the organization's repositories to the team.
teams.add_nonexistent_repo = "The repository you're trying to add does not exist; please create it first."
teams.add_duplicate_users = User is already a team member.
teams.repos.none = No repositories could be accessed by this team.
teams.members.none = No members on this team.
teams.specific_repositories = Specific repositories
teams.specific_repositories_helper = Members will only have access to repositories explicitly added to the team. Selecting this <strong>will not</strong> automatically remove repositories already added with <i>All repositories</i>.
teams.all_repositories = All repositories
teams.all_repositories_helper = Team has access to all repositories. Selecting this will <strong>add all existing</strong> repositories to the team.
teams.all_repositories_read_permission_desc = This team grants <strong>Read</strong> access to <strong>all repositories</strong>: members can view and clone repositories.
teams.all_repositories_write_permission_desc = This team grants <strong>Write</strong> access to <strong>all repositories</strong>: members can read from and push to repositories.
teams.all_repositories_admin_permission_desc = This team grants <strong>Admin</strong> access to <strong>all repositories</strong>: members can read from, push to and add collaborators to repositories.
dashboard = Dashboard
users = User Accounts
organizations = Organizations
repositories = Repositories
hooks = Webhooks
authentication = Authentication Sources
emails = User Emails
config = Configuration
notices = System Notices
monitor = Monitoring
first_page = First
last_page = Last
total = Total: %d
dashboard.statistic = Summary
dashboard.operations = Maintenance Operations
dashboard.system_status = System Status
dashboard.statistic_info = The Gitea database holds <b>%d</b> users, <b>%d</b> organizations, <b>%d</b> public keys, <b>%d</b> repositories, <b>%d</b> watches, <b>%d</b> stars, <b>%d</b> actions, <b>%d</b> accesses, <b>%d</b> issues, <b>%d</b> comments, <b>%d</b> social accounts, <b>%d</b> follows, <b>%d</b> mirrors, <b>%d</b> releases, <b>%d</b> authentication sources, <b>%d</b> webhooks, <b>%d</b> milestones, <b>%d</b> labels, <b>%d</b> hook tasks, <b>%d</b> teams, <b>%d</b> update tasks, <b>%d</b> attachments.
dashboard.operation_name = Operation Name
dashboard.operation_switch = Switch
dashboard.operation_run = Run
dashboard.clean_unbind_oauth = Clean unbound OAuth connections
dashboard.clean_unbind_oauth_success = All unbound OAuth connections have been deleted.
dashboard.task.started=Started Task: %[1]s
dashboard.task.process=Task: %[1]s
dashboard.task.cancelled=Task: %[1]s cancelled: %[3]s
dashboard.task.error=Error in Task: %[1]s: %[3]s
dashboard.task.finished=Task: %[1]s started by %[2]s has finished
dashboard.task.unknown=Unknown task: %[1]s
dashboard.cron.started=Started Cron: %[1]s
dashboard.cron.process=Cron: %[1]s
dashboard.cron.cancelled=Cron: %s cancelled: %[3]s
dashboard.cron.error=Error in Cron: %s: %[3]s
dashboard.cron.finished=Cron: %[1]s has finished
dashboard.delete_inactive_accounts = Delete all unactivated accounts
dashboard.delete_inactive_accounts.started = Delete all unactivated accounts task started.
dashboard.delete_repo_archives = "Delete all repositories' archives (ZIP, TAR.GZ, etc..)"
dashboard.delete_repo_archives.started = Delete all repository archives task started.
dashboard.delete_missing_repos = Delete all repositories missing their Git files
dashboard.delete_missing_repos.started = Delete all repositories missing their Git files task started.
dashboard.delete_generated_repository_avatars = Delete generated repository avatars
dashboard.update_mirrors = Update Mirrors
dashboard.repo_health_check = Health check all repositories
dashboard.check_repo_stats = Check all repository statistics
dashboard.archive_cleanup = Delete old repository archives
dashboard.deleted_branches_cleanup = Clean-up deleted branches
dashboard.update_migration_poster_id = Update migration poster IDs
dashboard.git_gc_repos = Garbage collect all repositories
dashboard.resync_all_sshkeys = Update the '.ssh/authorized_keys' file with Gitea SSH keys.
dashboard.resync_all_sshkeys.desc = (Not needed for the built-in SSH server.)
dashboard.resync_all_sshprincipals = Update the '.ssh/authorized_principals' file with Gitea SSH principals.
dashboard.resync_all_sshprincipals.desc = (Not needed for the built-in SSH server.)
dashboard.resync_all_hooks = Resynchronize pre-receive, update and post-receive hooks of all repositories.
dashboard.reinit_missing_repos = Reinitialize all missing Git repositories for which records exist
dashboard.sync_external_users = Synchronize external user data
dashboard.cleanup_hook_task_table = Cleanup hook_task table
dashboard.server_uptime = Server Uptime
dashboard.current_goroutine = Current Goroutines
dashboard.current_memory_usage = Current Memory Usage
dashboard.total_memory_allocated = Total Memory Allocated
dashboard.memory_obtained = Memory Obtained
dashboard.pointer_lookup_times = Pointer Lookup Times
dashboard.memory_allocate_times = Memory Allocations
dashboard.memory_free_times = Memory Frees
dashboard.current_heap_usage = Current Heap Usage
dashboard.heap_memory_obtained = Heap Memory Obtained
dashboard.heap_memory_idle = Heap Memory Idle
dashboard.heap_memory_in_use = Heap Memory In Use
dashboard.heap_memory_released = Heap Memory Released
dashboard.heap_objects = Heap Objects
dashboard.bootstrap_stack_usage = Bootstrap Stack Usage
dashboard.stack_memory_obtained = Stack Memory Obtained
dashboard.mspan_structures_usage = MSpan Structures Usage
dashboard.mspan_structures_obtained = MSpan Structures Obtained
dashboard.mcache_structures_usage = MCache Structures Usage
dashboard.mcache_structures_obtained = MCache Structures Obtained
dashboard.profiling_bucket_hash_table_obtained = Profiling Bucket Hash Table Obtained
dashboard.gc_metadata_obtained = GC Metadata Obtained
dashboard.other_system_allocation_obtained = Other System Allocation Obtained
dashboard.next_gc_recycle = Next GC Recycle
dashboard.last_gc_time = Since Last GC Time
dashboard.total_gc_time = Total GC Pause
dashboard.total_gc_pause = Total GC Pause
dashboard.last_gc_pause = Last GC Pause
dashboard.gc_times = GC Times
users.user_manage_panel = User Account Management
users.new_account = Create User Account = Username
users.full_name = Full Name
users.activated = Activated
users.admin = Admin
users.restricted = Restricted
users.2fa = 2FA
users.repos = Repos
users.created = Created
users.last_login = Last Sign-In
users.never_login = Never Signed-In
users.send_register_notify = Send User Registration Notification
users.new_success = The user account '%s' has been created.
users.edit = Edit
users.auth_source = Authentication Source
users.local = Local
users.auth_login_name = Authentication Sign-In Name
users.password_helper = Leave the password empty to keep it unchanged.
users.update_profile_success = The user account has been updated.
users.edit_account = Edit User Account
users.max_repo_creation = Maximum Number of Repositories
users.max_repo_creation_desc = (Enter -1 to use the global default limit.)
users.is_activated = User Account Is Activated
users.prohibit_login = Disable Sign-In
users.is_admin = Is Administrator
users.is_restricted = Is Restricted
users.allow_git_hook = May Create Git Hooks
users.allow_git_hook_tooltip = Git Hooks are executed as the OS user running Gitea and will have the same level of host access. As a result, users with this special Git Hook privilege can access and modify all Gitea repositories as well as the database used by Gitea. Consequently they are also able to gain Gitea administrator privileges.
users.allow_import_local = May Import Local Repositories
users.allow_create_organization = May Create Organizations
users.update_profile = Update User Account
users.delete_account = Delete User Account
users.still_own_repo = This user still owns one or more repositories. Delete or transfer these repositories first.
users.still_has_org = This user is a member of an organization. Remove the user from any organizations first.
users.deletion_success = The user account has been deleted.
users.reset_2fa = Reset 2FA
emails.email_manage_panel = User Email Management
emails.primary = Primary
emails.activated = Activated = Email
emails.filter_sort.email_reverse = Email (reverse) = User Name
emails.filter_sort.name_reverse = User Name (reverse)
emails.updated = Email updated
emails.not_updated = Failed to update the requested email address: %v
emails.duplicate_active = This email address is already active for a different user.
emails.change_email_header = Update Email Properties
emails.change_email_text = Are your sure you want to update this email address?
orgs.org_manage_panel = Organization Management = Name
orgs.teams = Teams
orgs.members = Members
orgs.new_orga = New Organization
repos.repo_manage_panel = Repository Management
repos.unadopted = Unadopted Repositories
repos.unadopted.no_more = No more unadopted repositories found
repos.owner = Owner = Name
repos.private = Private = Watches
repos.stars = Stars
repos.forks = Forks
repos.issues = Issues
repos.size = Size
defaulthooks = Default Webhooks
defaulthooks.desc = Webhooks automatically make HTTP POST requests to a server when certain Gitea events trigger. Webhooks defined here are defaults and will be copied into all new repositories. Read more in the <a target="_blank" rel="noopener" href="">webhooks guide</a>.
defaulthooks.add_webhook = Add Default Webhook
defaulthooks.update_webhook = Update Default Webhook
systemhooks = System Webhooks
systemhooks.desc = Webhooks automatically make HTTP POST requests to a server when certain Gitea events trigger. Webhooks defined here will act on all repositories on the system, so please consider any performance implications this may have. Read more in the <a target="_blank" rel="noopener" href="">webhooks guide</a>.
systemhooks.add_webhook = Add System Webhook
systemhooks.update_webhook = Update System Webhook
auths.auth_manage_panel = Authentication Source Management = Add Authentication Source = Name
auths.type = Type
auths.enabled = Enabled
auths.syncenabled = Enable User Synchronization
auths.updated = Updated
auths.auth_type = Authentication Type
auths.auth_name = Authentication Name
auths.security_protocol = Security Protocol
auths.domain = Domain = Host
auths.port = Port
auths.bind_dn = Bind DN
auths.bind_password = Bind Password
auths.bind_password_helper = Warning: This password is stored in plain text. Use a read-only account if possible.
auths.user_base = User Search Base
auths.user_dn = User DN
auths.attribute_username = Username Attribute
auths.attribute_username_placeholder = Leave empty to use the username entered in Gitea.
auths.attribute_name = First Name Attribute
auths.attribute_surname = Surname Attribute
auths.attribute_mail = Email Attribute
auths.attribute_ssh_public_key = Public SSH Key Attribute
auths.attributes_in_bind = Fetch Attributes in Bind DN Context
auths.allow_deactivate_all = Allow an empty search result to deactivate all users
auths.use_paged_search = Use Paged Search
auths.search_page_size = Page Size
auths.filter = User Filter
auths.admin_filter = Admin Filter
auths.restricted_filter = Restricted Filter
auths.restricted_filter_helper = Leave empty to not set any users as restricted. Use an asterisk ('*') to set all users that do not match Admin Filter as restricted.
auths.verify_group_membership = Verify group membership in LDAP
auths.group_search_base = Group Search Base DN
auths.valid_groups_filter = Valid Groups Filter
auths.group_attribute_list_users = Group Attribute Containing List Of Users
auths.user_attribute_in_group = User Attribute Listed In Group
auths.ms_ad_sa = MS AD Search Attributes
auths.smtp_auth = SMTP Authentication Type
auths.smtphost = SMTP Host
auths.smtpport = SMTP Port
auths.allowed_domains = Allowed Domains
auths.allowed_domains_helper = Leave empty to allow all domains. Separate multiple domains with a comma (',').
auths.enable_tls = Enable TLS Encryption
auths.skip_tls_verify = Skip TLS Verify
auths.pam_service_name = PAM Service Name
auths.pam_email_domain = PAM Email Domain (optional)
auths.oauth2_provider = OAuth2 Provider
auths.oauth2_icon_url = Icon URL
auths.oauth2_clientID = Client ID (Key)
auths.oauth2_clientSecret = Client Secret
auths.openIdConnectAutoDiscoveryURL = OpenID Connect Auto Discovery URL
auths.oauth2_use_custom_url = Use Custom URLs Instead of Default URLs
auths.oauth2_tokenURL = Token URL
auths.oauth2_authURL = Authorize URL
auths.oauth2_profileURL = Profile URL
auths.oauth2_emailURL = Email URL
auths.enable_auto_register = Enable Auto Registration
auths.sspi_auto_create_users = Automatically create users
auths.sspi_auto_create_users_helper = Allow SSPI auth method to automatically create new accounts for users that login for the first time
auths.sspi_auto_activate_users = Automatically activate users
auths.sspi_auto_activate_users_helper = Allow SSPI auth method to automatically activate new users
auths.sspi_strip_domain_names = Remove domain names from usernames
auths.sspi_strip_domain_names_helper = If checked, domain names will be removed from logon names (eg. "DOMAIN\user" and "" both will become just "user").
auths.sspi_separator_replacement = Separator to use instead of \, / and @
auths.sspi_separator_replacement_helper = The character to use to replace the separators of down-level logon names (eg. the \ in "DOMAIN\user") and user principal names (eg. the @ in "").
auths.sspi_default_language = Default user language
auths.sspi_default_language_helper = Default language for users automatically created by SSPI auth method. Leave empty if you prefer language to be automatically detected. = Tips = OAuth2 Authentication = When registering a new OAuth2 authentication, the callback/redirect URL should be: <host>/user/oauth2/<Authentication Name>/callback
auths.tip.oauth2_provider = OAuth2 Provider
auths.tip.bitbucket = Register a new OAuth consumer on<your username>/oauth-consumers/new and add the permission 'Account' - 'Read'
auths.tip.nextcloud = Register a new OAuth consumer on your instance using the following menu "Settings -> Security -> OAuth 2.0 client"
auths.tip.dropbox = Create a new application at
auths.tip.facebook = Register a new application at and add the product "Facebook Login"
auths.tip.github = Register a new OAuth application on
auths.tip.gitlab = Register a new application on
auths.tip.google_plus = Obtain OAuth2 client credentials from the Google API console at
auths.tip.openid_connect = Use the OpenID Connect Discovery URL (<server>/.well-known/openid-configuration) to specify the endpoints
auths.tip.twitter = Go to, create an application and ensure that the ‚ÄúAllow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter‚ÄĚ option is enabled
auths.tip.discord = Register a new application on
auths.tip.gitea = Register a new OAuth2 application. Guide can be found at = Create a new application at Select following permissions from the "Yandex.Passport API" section: "Access to email address", "Access to user avatar" and "Access to username, first name and surname, gender"
auths.tip.mastodon = Input a custom instance URL for the mastodon instance you want to authenticate with (or use the default one)
auths.edit = Edit Authentication Source
auths.activated = This Authentication Source is Activated
auths.new_success = The authentication '%s' has been added.
auths.update_success = The authentication source has been updated.
auths.update = Update Authentication Source
auths.delete = Delete Authentication Source
auths.delete_auth_title = Delete Authentication Source
auths.delete_auth_desc = Deleting an authentication source prevents users from using it to sign in. Continue?
auths.still_in_used = The authentication source is still in use. Convert or delete any users using this authentication source first.
auths.deletion_success = The authentication source has been deleted.
auths.login_source_exist = The authentication source '%s' already exists.
auths.login_source_of_type_exist = An authentication source of this type already exists.
config.server_config = Server Configuration
config.app_name = Site Title
config.app_ver = Gitea Version
config.app_url = Gitea Base URL
config.custom_conf = Configuration File Path
config.custom_file_root_path = "Custom File Root Path"
config.domain = SSH Server Domain
config.offline_mode = Local Mode
config.disable_router_log = Disable Router Log
config.run_user = Run As Username
config.run_mode = Run Mode
config.git_version = Git Version
config.repo_root_path = Repository Root Path
config.lfs_root_path = LFS Root Path
config.static_file_root_path = Static File Root Path
config.log_file_root_path = Log Path
config.script_type = Script Type
config.reverse_auth_user = Reverse Authentication User
config.ssh_config = SSH Configuration
config.ssh_enabled = Enabled
config.ssh_start_builtin_server = Use Built-In Server
config.ssh_domain = Server Domain
config.ssh_port = Port
config.ssh_listen_port = Listen Port
config.ssh_root_path = Root Path
config.ssh_key_test_path = Key Test Path
config.ssh_keygen_path = Keygen ('ssh-keygen') Path
config.ssh_minimum_key_size_check = Minimum Key Size Check
config.ssh_minimum_key_sizes = Minimum Key Sizes
config.lfs_config = LFS Configuration
config.lfs_enabled = Enabled
config.lfs_content_path = LFS Content Path
config.lfs_http_auth_expiry = LFS HTTP Auth Expiry
config.db_config = Database Configuration
config.db_type = Type
config.db_host = Host
config.db_name = Name
config.db_user = Username
config.db_schema = Schema
config.db_ssl_mode = SSL
config.db_path = Path
config.service_config = Service Configuration
config.register_email_confirm = Require Email Confirmation to Register
config.disable_register = Disable Self-Registration
config.allow_only_external_registration = Allow Registration Only Through External Services
config.enable_openid_signup = Enable OpenID Self-Registration
config.enable_openid_signin = Enable OpenID Sign-In
config.show_registration_button = Show Register Button
config.require_sign_in_view = Require Sign-In to View Pages
config.mail_notify = Enable Email Notifications
config.disable_key_size_check = Disable Minimum Key Size Check
config.enable_captcha = Enable CAPTCHA
config.active_code_lives = Active Code Lives
config.reset_password_code_lives = Recover Account Code Expiry Time
config.default_keep_email_private = Hide Email Addresses by Default
config.default_allow_create_organization = Allow Creation of Organizations by Default
config.enable_timetracking = Enable Time Tracking
config.default_enable_timetracking = Enable Time Tracking by Default
config.default_allow_only_contributors_to_track_time = Let Only Contributors Track Time
config.no_reply_address = Hidden Email Domain
config.default_visibility_organization = Default visibility for new Organizations
config.default_enable_dependencies = Enable Issue Dependencies by Default
config.webhook_config = Webhook Configuration
config.queue_length = Queue Length
config.deliver_timeout = Deliver Timeout
config.skip_tls_verify = Skip TLS Verification
config.mailer_config = SMTP Mailer Configuration
config.mailer_enabled = Enabled
config.mailer_disable_helo = Disable HELO
config.mailer_name = Name
config.mailer_host = Host
config.mailer_user = User
config.mailer_use_sendmail = Use Sendmail
config.mailer_sendmail_path = Sendmail Path
config.mailer_sendmail_args = Extra Arguments to Sendmail
config.mailer_sendmail_timeout = Sendmail Timeout
config.test_email_placeholder = Email (e.g.
config.send_test_mail = Send Testing Email
config.test_mail_failed = Failed to send a testing email to '%s': %v
config.test_mail_sent = A testing email has been sent to '%s'.
config.oauth_config = OAuth Configuration
config.oauth_enabled = Enabled
config.cache_config = Cache Configuration
config.cache_adapter = Cache Adapter
config.cache_interval = Cache Interval
config.cache_conn = Cache Connection
config.cache_item_ttl = Cache Item TTL
config.session_config = Session Configuration
config.session_provider = Session Provider
config.provider_config = Provider Config
config.cookie_name = Cookie Name
config.gc_interval_time = GC Interval Time
config.session_life_time = Session Life Time
config.https_only = HTTPS Only
config.cookie_life_time = Cookie Life Time
config.picture_config = Picture and Avatar Configuration
config.picture_service = Picture Service
config.disable_gravatar = Disable Gravatar
config.enable_federated_avatar = Enable Federated Avatars
config.git_config = Git Configuration
config.git_disable_diff_highlight = Disable Diff Syntax Highlight
config.git_max_diff_lines = Max Diff Lines (for a single file)
config.git_max_diff_line_characters = Max Diff Characters (for a single line)
config.git_max_diff_files = Max Diff Files (to be shown)
config.git_gc_args = GC Arguments
config.git_migrate_timeout = Migration Timeout
config.git_mirror_timeout = Mirror Update Timeout
config.git_clone_timeout = Clone Operation Timeout
config.git_pull_timeout = Pull Operation Timeout
config.git_gc_timeout = GC Operation Timeout
config.log_config = Log Configuration
config.log_mode = Log Mode
config.own_named_logger = Named Logger
config.routes_to_default_logger = Routes To Default Logger
config.go_log = Uses Go Log (redirected to default)
config.router_log_mode = Router Log Mode
config.disabled_logger = Disabled
config.access_log_mode = Access Log Mode
config.access_log_template = Template
config.xorm_log_mode = XORM Log Mode
config.xorm_log_sql = Log SQL
monitor.cron = Cron Tasks = Name
monitor.schedule = Schedule = Next Time
monitor.previous = Previous Time
monitor.execute_times = Executions
monitor.process = Running Processes
monitor.desc = Description
monitor.start = Start Time
monitor.execute_time = Execution Time
monitor.process.cancel = Cancel process
monitor.process.cancel_desc = Cancelling a process may cause data loss
monitor.process.cancel_notices = Cancel: <strong>%s</strong>?
monitor.queues = Queues
monitor.queue = Queue: %s = Name
monitor.queue.type = Type
monitor.queue.exemplar = Exemplar Type
monitor.queue.numberworkers = Number of Workers
monitor.queue.maxnumberworkers = Max Number of Workers = Review Config
monitor.queue.review_add = Review/Add Workers
monitor.queue.configuration = Initial Configuration
monitor.queue.nopool.title = No Worker Pool
monitor.queue.nopool.desc = This queue wraps other queues and does not itself have a worker pool.
monitor.queue.wrapped.desc = A wrapped queue wraps a slow starting queue, buffering queued requests in a channel. It does not have a worker pool itself.
monitor.queue.persistable-channel.desc = A persistable-channel wraps two queues, a channel queue that has its own worker pool and a level queue for persisted requests from previous shutdowns. It does not have a worker pool itself.
monitor.queue.pool.timeout = Timeout
monitor.queue.pool.addworkers.title = Add Workers
monitor.queue.pool.addworkers.submit = Add Workers
monitor.queue.pool.addworkers.desc = Add Workers to this pool with or without a timeout. If you set a timeout these workers will be removed from the pool after the timeout has lapsed.
monitor.queue.pool.addworkers.numberworkers.placeholder = Number of Workers
monitor.queue.pool.addworkers.timeout.placeholder = Set to 0 for no timeout
monitor.queue.pool.addworkers.mustnumbergreaterzero = Number of Workers to add must be greater than zero
monitor.queue.pool.addworkers.musttimeoutduration = Timeout must be a golang duration eg. 5m or be 0
monitor.queue.pool.flush.title = Flush Queue
monitor.queue.pool.flush.desc = Flush will add a worker that will terminate once the queue is empty, or it times out.
monitor.queue.pool.flush.submit = Add Flush Worker
monitor.queue.pool.flush.added = Flush Worker added for %[1]s
monitor.queue.settings.title = Pool Settings
monitor.queue.settings.desc = Pools dynamically grow with a boost in response to their worker queue blocking. These changes will not affect current worker groups.
monitor.queue.settings.timeout = Boost Timeout
monitor.queue.settings.timeout.placeholder = Currently %[1]v
monitor.queue.settings.timeout.error = Timeout must be a golang duration eg. 5m or be 0
monitor.queue.settings.numberworkers = Boost Number of Workers
monitor.queue.settings.numberworkers.placeholder = Currently %[1]d
monitor.queue.settings.numberworkers.error = Number of Workers to add must be greater than or equal to zero
monitor.queue.settings.maxnumberworkers = Max Number of workers
monitor.queue.settings.maxnumberworkers.placeholder = Currently %[1]d
monitor.queue.settings.maxnumberworkers.error = Max number of workers must be a number
monitor.queue.settings.submit = Update Settings
monitor.queue.settings.changed = Settings Updated
monitor.queue.settings.blocktimeout = Current Block Timeout
monitor.queue.settings.blocktimeout.value = %[1]v
monitor.queue.pool.none = This queue does not have a Pool
monitor.queue.pool.added = Worker Group Added
monitor.queue.pool.max_changed = Maximum number of workers changed
monitor.queue.pool.workers.title = Active Worker Groups
monitor.queue.pool.workers.none = No worker groups.
monitor.queue.pool.cancel = Shutdown Worker Group
monitor.queue.pool.cancelling = Worker Group shutting down
monitor.queue.pool.cancel_notices = Shutdown this group of %s workers?
monitor.queue.pool.cancel_desc = Leaving a queue without any worker groups may cause requests to block indefinitely.
notices.system_notice_list = System Notices
notices.view_detail_header = View Notice Details
notices.actions = Actions
notices.select_all = Select All
notices.deselect_all = Deselect All
notices.inverse_selection = Inverse Selection
notices.delete_selected = Delete Selected
notices.delete_all = Delete All Notices
notices.type = Type
notices.type_1 = Repository
notices.type_2 = Task
notices.desc = Description
notices.op = Op.
notices.delete_success = The system notices have been deleted.
create_repo = created repository <a href="%s">%s</a>
rename_repo = renamed repository from <code>%[1]s</code> to <a href="%[2]s">%[3]s</a>
commit_repo = pushed to <a href="%[1]s/src/branch/%[2]s">%[3]s</a> at <a href="%[1]s">%[4]s</a>
create_issue = `opened issue <a href="%s/issues/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
close_issue = `closed issue <a href="%s/issues/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
reopen_issue = `reopened issue <a href="%s/issues/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
create_pull_request = `created pull request <a href="%s/pulls/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
close_pull_request = `closed pull request <a href="%s/pulls/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
reopen_pull_request = `reopened pull request <a href="%s/pulls/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
comment_issue = `commented on issue <a href="%s/issues/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`