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not show `ref-in-new-issue` pop when issue was disabled (#15761) (#15765)
1 year ago
components Heatmap days clickable (#13935) 2 years ago
features Remove spurious set name from eventsource.sharedworker.js (#15643) (#15652) 1 year ago
markdown Fix Anchor jumping with escaped query components (#14969) 2 years ago
standalone docs: swagger show models by default (#14880) 2 years ago
vendor Rewrite GitGraph.js (#12137) 2 years ago
easymde.js Switch from SimpleMDE to EasyMDE (#13333) 2 years ago
index.js not show `ref-in-new-issue` pop when issue was disabled (#15761) (#15765) 1 year ago
jquery.js Upgrade jQuery to 3.5.0, remove jQuery-Migrate, fix deprecations (#11055) 2 years ago
publicpath.js Fix webpack chunk loading with STATIC_URL_PREFIX (#11526) 2 years ago
serviceworker.js Fix serviceworker output file and misc improvements (#11562) 2 years ago
svg.js Dropdowns, Labels fixes and more CSS tweaks (#13733) 2 years ago
utils.js Fix CJK fonts again and misc. font issues (#14575) 2 years ago