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// Copyright 2018 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package models
import (
// U2FRegistration represents the registration data and counter of a security key
type U2FRegistration struct {
ID int64 `xorm:"pk autoincr"`
Name string
UserID int64 `xorm:"INDEX"`
Raw []byte
Counter uint32 `xorm:"BIGINT"`
CreatedUnix timeutil.TimeStamp `xorm:"INDEX created"`
UpdatedUnix timeutil.TimeStamp `xorm:"INDEX updated"`
// TableName returns a better table name for U2FRegistration
func (reg U2FRegistration) TableName() string {
return "u2f_registration"
// Parse will convert the db entry U2FRegistration to an u2f.Registration struct
func (reg *U2FRegistration) Parse() (*u2f.Registration, error) {
r := new(u2f.Registration)
return r, r.UnmarshalBinary(reg.Raw)
func (reg *U2FRegistration) updateCounter(e Engine) error {
_, err := e.ID(reg.ID).Cols("counter").Update(reg)
return err
// UpdateCounter will update the database value of counter
func (reg *U2FRegistration) UpdateCounter() error {
return reg.updateCounter(x)
// U2FRegistrationList is a list of *U2FRegistration
type U2FRegistrationList []*U2FRegistration
// ToRegistrations will convert all U2FRegistrations to u2f.Registrations
func (list U2FRegistrationList) ToRegistrations() []u2f.Registration {
regs := make([]u2f.Registration, 0, len(list))
for _, reg := range list {
r, err := reg.Parse()
if err != nil {
log.Fatal("parsing u2f registration: %v", err)
regs = append(regs, *r)
return regs
func getU2FRegistrationsByUID(e Engine, uid int64) (U2FRegistrationList, error) {
regs := make(U2FRegistrationList, 0)
return regs, e.Where("user_id = ?", uid).Find(&regs)
// GetU2FRegistrationByID returns U2F registration by id
func GetU2FRegistrationByID(id int64) (*U2FRegistration, error) {
return getU2FRegistrationByID(x, id)
func getU2FRegistrationByID(e Engine, id int64) (*U2FRegistration, error) {
reg := new(U2FRegistration)
if found, err := e.ID(id).Get(reg); err != nil {
return nil, err
} else if !found {
return nil, ErrU2FRegistrationNotExist{ID: id}
return reg, nil
// GetU2FRegistrationsByUID returns all U2F registrations of the given user
func GetU2FRegistrationsByUID(uid int64) (U2FRegistrationList, error) {
return getU2FRegistrationsByUID(x, uid)
func createRegistration(e Engine, user *User, name string, reg *u2f.Registration) (*U2FRegistration, error) {
raw, err := reg.MarshalBinary()
if err != nil {
return nil, err
r := &U2FRegistration{
UserID: user.ID,
Name: name,
Counter: 0,
Raw: raw,
_, err = e.InsertOne(r)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return r, nil
// CreateRegistration will create a new U2FRegistration from the given Registration
func CreateRegistration(user *User, name string, reg *u2f.Registration) (*U2FRegistration, error) {
return createRegistration(x, user, name, reg)
// DeleteRegistration will delete U2FRegistration
func DeleteRegistration(reg *U2FRegistration) error {
return deleteRegistration(x, reg)
func deleteRegistration(e Engine, reg *U2FRegistration) error {
_, err := e.Delete(reg)
return err