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// Copyright 2019 The Gitea Authors.
// All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package pull
import (
// LFSPush pushes lfs objects referred to in new commits in the head repository from the base repository
func LFSPush(tmpBasePath, mergeHeadSHA, mergeBaseSHA string, pr *models.PullRequest) error {
// Now we have to implement git lfs push
// git rev-list --objects --filter=blob:limit=1k HEAD --not base
// pass blob shas in to git cat-file --batch-check (possibly unnecessary)
// ensure only blobs and <=1k size then pass in to git cat-file --batch
// to read each sha and check each as a pointer
// Then if they are lfs -> add them to the baseRepo
revListReader, revListWriter := io.Pipe()
shasToCheckReader, shasToCheckWriter := io.Pipe()
catFileCheckReader, catFileCheckWriter := io.Pipe()
shasToBatchReader, shasToBatchWriter := io.Pipe()
catFileBatchReader, catFileBatchWriter := io.Pipe()
errChan := make(chan error, 1)
wg := sync.WaitGroup{}
// Create the go-routines in reverse order.
// 6. Take the output of cat-file --batch and check if each file in turn
// to see if they're pointers to files in the LFS store associated with
// the head repo and add them to the base repo if so
go createLFSMetaObjectsFromCatFileBatch(catFileBatchReader, &wg, pr)
// 5. Take the shas of the blobs and batch read them
go pipeline.CatFileBatch(shasToBatchReader, catFileBatchWriter, &wg, tmpBasePath)
// 4. From the provided objects restrict to blobs <=1k
go pipeline.BlobsLessThan1024FromCatFileBatchCheck(catFileCheckReader, shasToBatchWriter, &wg)
// 3. Run batch-check on the objects retrieved from rev-list
go pipeline.CatFileBatchCheck(shasToCheckReader, catFileCheckWriter, &wg, tmpBasePath)
// 2. Check each object retrieved rejecting those without names as they will be commits or trees
go pipeline.BlobsFromRevListObjects(revListReader, shasToCheckWriter, &wg)
// 1. Run rev-list objects from mergeHead to mergeBase
go pipeline.RevListObjects(revListWriter, &wg, tmpBasePath, mergeHeadSHA, mergeBaseSHA, errChan)
select {
case err, has := <-errChan:
if has {
return err
return nil
func createLFSMetaObjectsFromCatFileBatch(catFileBatchReader *io.PipeReader, wg *sync.WaitGroup, pr *models.PullRequest) {
defer wg.Done()
defer catFileBatchReader.Close()
bufferedReader := bufio.NewReader(catFileBatchReader)
buf := make([]byte, 1025)
for {
// File descriptor line: sha
_, err := bufferedReader.ReadString(' ')
if err != nil {
_ = catFileBatchReader.CloseWithError(err)
// Throw away the blob
if _, err := bufferedReader.ReadString(' '); err != nil {
_ = catFileBatchReader.CloseWithError(err)
sizeStr, err := bufferedReader.ReadString('\n')
if err != nil {
_ = catFileBatchReader.CloseWithError(err)
size, err := strconv.Atoi(sizeStr[:len(sizeStr)-1])
if err != nil {
_ = catFileBatchReader.CloseWithError(err)
pointerBuf := buf[:size+1]
if _, err := io.ReadFull(bufferedReader, pointerBuf); err != nil {
_ = catFileBatchReader.CloseWithError(err)
pointerBuf = pointerBuf[:size]
// Now we need to check if the pointerBuf is an LFS pointer
pointer := lfs.IsPointerFile(&pointerBuf)
if pointer == nil {
// Then we need to check that this pointer is in the db
if _, err := pr.HeadRepo.GetLFSMetaObjectByOid(pointer.Oid); err != nil {
if err == models.ErrLFSObjectNotExist {
log.Warn("During merge of: %d in %-v, there is a pointer to LFS Oid: %s which although present in the LFS store is not associated with the head repo %-v", pr.Index, pr.BaseRepo, pointer.Oid, pr.HeadRepo)
_ = catFileBatchReader.CloseWithError(err)
// OK we have a pointer that is associated with the head repo
// and is actually a file in the LFS
// Therefore it should be associated with the base repo
pointer.RepositoryID = pr.BaseRepoID
if _, err := models.NewLFSMetaObject(pointer); err != nil {
_ = catFileBatchReader.CloseWithError(err)