A Godot Engine app to help streamers organize Majority Judgment polls in their streams.
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Join the Discord chat at https://discord.gg/rAAQG9S License: MIT

Majority Judgment Polling (for Streamers)

Organize a majority judgment poll in a few seconds (as low as 0.5s, by hitting Enter twice), and let your community vote on it through one of the providers, like your Twitch Chat, using commands such as A2 B1 C4.

A short demo of the application


This is a distributable project made with Godot Game Engine, and there is no server-side to this application. All the data is held by the streamer, on their computer, whether they're using a binary executable or the web application on itch.io.

By design, the ballots are open, which may be unsuitable for politics, but it will allow us to enable delegation features, and we find that exciting!

Perhaps there is a way to close the ballots (using whispers, a Twitch js overlay or some other trick).


The project is in a PRIVATE ALPHA stage.

We're looking for streamers willing to test it out and help us improve the software by making it crash in a number of interesting ways.

Open an issue in our tracker, or join us on Discord.

Chat Commands

Vote Chat Commands are in the form:


Letters start with A (duh), and each candidate gets attributed a different letter when they are added to the poll.

Grades start at 0, and their meaning is as follows:

  2. POOR
  4. GOOD

This is an example of meaning for 6 grades. We may support different gradings in the future.

Add a new provider

  1. Extend MajorityJudgmentAbstractProvider.
  2. Register it in App.gd.
  3. Add its toggle to the SettingsForm scene.

Missing Features

  • Delegation (yay!)
  • Use the Poll Title :p
  • More providers (Youtube live, IRC, CSV file, etc.)
  • Option to align with bottom (perhaps tricky, perhaps not)
  • Option to change the background color
  • Save/Load polls (only the GUI left to do)
  • Resilience to scale (Poll tallier may be vastly improved)
  • Option to enable/disable logs
  • Allow candidates to be added by the Chat


This is libre software.