12 Constitutive Flow
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graph TD
    StartHere(I am)
    WantsChange{I want things to change}
    WantsSelfEvolution{I want myself to evolve}
    IsConstituent{I am or am becoming constituent}
    WantsConstitution{I want a new constitution}
    %%ThinksConstitutively{I think constitutively}
    WantsBecomeConstituent{I want to become constituent}
    KnowsConstituent{I know a constituent person I trust}
    SinTestimonyIn2020("Extinction ⌛ Threat, Greed, Famine, Pestilence, War, …")
    StartHere --> WantsChange
    WantsChange --> |Yes| IsConstituent
    WantsChange --> |No| SinTestimonyIn2020
    SinTestimonyIn2020 --> WantsSelfEvolution
    WantsSelfEvolution --> |Yes| IsConstituent
    WantsSelfEvolution --> |No| ObligatoryGandhiQuote
    ObligatoryGandhiQuote --> |Wise words| IsConstituent
    ObligatoryGandhiQuote --> |Bullcrap| CallToHug
    IsConstituent --> |Yes| WantsConstitution
    IsConstituent --> |No| WantsBecomeConstituent
    WantsConstitution --> |Yes| CallToJudgment
    WantsConstitution --> |No| WantsBecomeConstituent
    WantsBecomeConstituent --> |Yes| WantsConstitution
    WantsBecomeConstituent --> |No| KnowsConstituent
    KnowsConstituent --> |Yes| CallToDelegation
    KnowsConstituent --> |No| CallToHelp