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Pierre-Louis Guhur c8c62696f0
fix: solve ballot error
3 weeks ago
BallotContext.tsx fix: add toast 4 months ago
ElectionContext.tsx fix: candidates 2 months ago
api.ts fix: solve ballot error 3 weeks ago
constants.ts fix: chloé feedback 2 months ago
context.tsx fix: refactor app 4 months ago
grades.ts fix: order grades 2 months ago
imgpush.ts fix: refactor services 4 months ago
mail.ts fix: add question email 3 weeks ago
majorityJudgment.ts fix: result dsiplay 2 months ago
routes.ts fix: ended election bug 3 weeks ago
type.ts fix: refactor election context 4 months ago
utils.ts fix: include tests in utils 3 weeks ago