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import React from "react";
import { Switch, Route } from "react-router-dom";
import Home from "./components/views/Home";
import CreateElection from "./components/views/CreateElection";
import Vote from "./components/views/Vote";
import Result from "./components/views/Result";
import UnknownView from "./components/views/UnknownView";
import UnknownElection from "./components/views/UnknownElection";
import CreateSuccess from "./components/views/CreateSuccess";
import VoteSuccess from "./components/views/VoteSuccess";
import LegalNotices from "./components/views/LegalNotices";
import PrivacyPolicy from "./components/views/PrivacyPolicy";
import Faq from "./components/views/Faq";
function Routes() {
return (
<main className="d-flex flex-column justify-content-center">
<Route exact path="/" component={Home} />
<Route path="/create-election" component={CreateElection} />
<Route path="/vote/:slug" component={Vote} />
<Route path="/result/:slug" component={Result} />
component={props => (
<CreateSuccess invitationOnly={true} {...props} />
component={props => (
<CreateSuccess invitationOnly={false} {...props} />
<Route path="/vote-success/:slug" component={VoteSuccess} />
<Route path="/unknown-election/:slug" component={UnknownElection} />
<Route path="/legal-notices" component={LegalNotices} />
<Route path="/privacy-policy" component={PrivacyPolicy} />
<Route path="/faq" component={Faq} />
<Route component={UnknownView} />
export default Routes;