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{{i18n 'email.hello'}}Hi there! 🙂{{i18n}}
{{i18n 'email.happy'}}We are happy to send you this email! You will be able to vote using majority judgment.{{i18n}}
{{i18n 'email.why'}}This email was sent to you because your email was filled out to participate in the vote on the subject:{{i18n}}
{{ title }}
{{i18n 'email.linkVote' }}The link for the vote is as follows:{{i18n}}
{{i18n 'email.linkResult' }}The link that will give you the results when they are available is as follows:{{i18n}}
{{i18n 'email.bye'}}Good vote{{i18n}}
{{i18n 'common.mieuxvoter'}}Mieux Voter{{i18n}}