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Unknwon c60d8bc069
update locales
8 years ago
asn1-ber fixed panic error on user login 9 years ago
auth #1525 Triggere mailer for admin created accounts 8 years ago
avatar drop go 1.2 support 8 years ago
base Commit messages now rendered with line breaks and prefix spacing. 8 years ago
bindata update locales 8 years ago
cron work on #986 and fix a LDAP crash 8 years ago
crypto/ssh fix test custom import path 8 years ago
git basic PR feature 8 years ago
httplib add webhook recent deliveries 8 years ago
ldap Fix spelling errors in comments. 9 years ago
log fix #864 with migration and update locale 8 years ago
mailer #1525 Triggere mailer for admin created accounts 8 years ago
middleware Fix `go get` not working when there is a username or repository name with some uppercase letters. 8 years ago
process New UI merge in progress 9 years ago
setting #1602 Wrong commit order on issue page when pushing multiple commits 8 years ago
ssh fix subrepo break change 8 years ago
user Factor out function to get the current user 8 years ago
uuid Add uuid 10 years ago